Tim Skiba Business - The New Gold Mine

29. Jan. 2018
By Tim Skiba - Bio

© Tim Skiba / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Tim Skiba Business - Cryptocurrency - "The New Gold Mine"
Tim Skiba Business - The New Gold Mine

Bitcoin, ethereum, dragonchain, blockchain, mining, staking, and node. Words to a whole new industry that is going to affect every single one of us one way, shape or another. I have seen things come and go. I’m in my 50s. I remember the beginning of the cell phone industry. I had the big block phone. I remember the .com bubble. I suffered through the real estate bubble. 

Question: Is this just a fad is this just another bubble?

The real answer is, yes, to all of it. But a better question is: How is it going to affect us? Is it going to be a long-term impact on our lives and our way of doing business?

Once again the answer is, yes.  Yes it will affect us. Yes it will impact the way we do business. 

If we don’t open our eyes to the vocabulary and this way of doing business with this new technology it will come and impact your life without you even knowing it. How this impacts your life could be positive or it could be negative. 

I am new to this industry. But I have a visionary knack for the future and many times I have been right. I’m not saying that you should go out and buy every single cryptocurrency on the market. I am only saying that this is something that is going to impact our world in a way that we never expected. 

The technology and the philosophy behind cryptocurrency in general is a very positive one. I’m going to do my best in the future to help those who want to know about cryptocurrencies with these blog posts. The opportunities to be better informed are all around us. So do your due diligence as I have and simply be prepared for the future.  You can truly live your dreams as I chose to. 

Captain Tim Skiba - The New Gold Mind
Captain Tim Skiba - The New Gold Mind

This is Captain Tim Skiba's first post for OgFOMK ArTS. Like many of us who love technology he's been fascinated by the cryptocurrencies. He is taking a practical approach as a non-techie. He begins by sharing his experience and learning from beginner to master.

He's been a successful professional and business owner for over 40 years. He's been a business partner and friend to us for over two years and now he wants to share with us some of his experience. 

© Tim Skiba / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Tim Skiba Business - Cryptocurrency - "The New Gold Mine"

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