While You Aren't Here

7 Jan. 2018

While You Aren't Here -- Tom Deans

Very Real and Very Far From My Banal Middle-Aged Life

I pretty much hate my successful friends. Ok, so maybe hate is a strong word. 

Social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram for me, is the devil. That's where my marginally acquainted human beings display their extravagant vacations, new cars and perfect families. I will review these items with loathsome regularity and ceremoniously feel horrible about myself. Now I know not everything is as it may seem, but enough I suspect is very real and very far from my banal middle-aged life. Hmmm... how's that for the name of an unwatched soon- to- be canceled television show?

Should I be posting pics of me eating my cheese toast with a tall glass of chocolate milk? Or driving in my shitty car to my underpaying and underappreciating job? That's one of 4 jobs I might add.

No, that's not gonna happen. I will continue to read the statuses of people who pass through my life with varying degrees of time spent with and contemplate the meaning of my own existence. The ones that have recently set me off are the "I'm about to go back to work after my holiday vacation, pray for me". Prayers are needed indeed. Prayers that I don't find them and strangle them.

Just read one that said "hubby and I aren't even finished with this week's vacation and we're already planning our next... to Punta Cana!!" 

What's a vacation? Haven't had one in 8 years!

Enough of this old man's bitter ramblings. I think I'll watch a movie where I can despise people I don't know at all. 

While You Aren't Here -- Tom Deans
While You Aren't Here -- Tom Deans

Tom Deans shows up to the card game with a loaded deck. All the cards are stuck together. The beer is flat. We all have days like this. It is no joke though. Tom works very hard. He also has a great sense of humor and he will laugh at himself and you too! Your social media prowess is limiting the connections to sincere friendship. It's more like, "I'm here and you ain't."

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