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Indefinite Length, Part 1

26. Feb. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio Indefinite Length Series Page

The beginning, as usual, was preceded by the end of something else. Sunset, moon rise. Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grille™ went dark, and the last person to leave locked the door and didn't light a cigarette, but thought about it. Charlee wore an overcoat, not anticipating rain or cold but enjoying the concealing bulk of it, the extra pockets, the pretentiousness. The fact that it didn't have a logo on the breast. Charlee took pains to make no eye contact with the few other people on the sidewalk, focusing inward and seeing the environment from far away. Don't step on that trash. Don't run into the hydrant. Don't think about the night you spent in jail 18 years ago. Don't forget you need to call the landlord about the blocked drain, can't use the bathroom sink, standing water, stagnant muck of hair and spit and toothpaste and picked scabs. Real people aren't beautiful, rea…

Judgement - The Nature of Our Safety

26. Feb 2018 By Tim Skiba - Bio

Do you not hate to be judged? I certainly do and how I judge myself is even worse than the misinformed judgement of others. They usually only know less than half of how hard I have worked to get the less than desirable out they are sliding in to judge me on. I will  let you in on a little secret shortly.

Back to this judgement deal,  we all do it and we are now told that we shouldn't be doing it so as to be politically correct. Now stop for a moment, we all judge, and are told to not judge. Hmmmm, makes me wonder why more people are not having a nervous breakdown? 
The secret is that it is our primal need to make judgements so as to keep ourselves safe. Safe from what you may ask?  Whatever might be. Way back in the day it could have been a life or death confrontation with the dreaded saber tooth tiger, but not today it feels at times life or death confrontation with our spouse, friend, student, boss , child or any other person place or thing that …

Drawing Blood in Helen Macdonald's H Is For Hawk

11 Feb. 2018 By Ghillian Porter-Smith - Bio

Her huge, yellow eye quickly scanned and re-scanned the crowd, assessing danger and potential prey in a continual restless rove. One slight twitch and that eye locked on mine. I had just emerged from Helen Macdonald’s evocative, emotionally powerful book H Is For Hawk and the unexpectedness of crossing paths with a red-tailed hawk at an outdoor festival froze me in place. My mind was still echoing with passages of flight as I drank the hawk in - her curved beak, her wings folded in promise of quick eruption, her cruel, highly effective talons. She was beautiful. And deadly. And I was in thrall. Such is the power of Macdonald’s unique blend of nature-writing and memoir. She inducts you into the arcane world of hawking and falconry. You learn to know and care about jesses, mews, and hoods. But she also is blunt about the single-minded carnage such birds are designed to wreak. Macdonald uses that unemotional, violent death to deal with anothe…

The Creation Of The Children of Ankh Series

12. Feb. 2018 By Kim Cormack - Bio

Well, many of you know how this series came to light but for those who don't, allow me to share this tale about how an author of children's books ended up what could very well become a paranormal fantasy franchise. In 2009, I wrote two light-hearted and magical children's books. Being Four was texted into my phone January 28th of 2009 in the middle of the night. I'd had this beautiful dream about being in kindergarten, holding baby chicks. I recalled standing in the forest as a ray of light shone through the branches of the trees and how it made me feel. I didn't even remember texting it into my phone until I bought a new cell phone. I found the book in the notes file and was driven by this inner voice to find a publisher. I wrote Shark Boots on B.C. Ferries shortly after, when I was on my back from a trip to Vancouver. Both children's books were published that year and I was totally set on my writing direction.

I was a singl…

Blogger 2017 Stats for OgFOMK ArTS - A Report

30. Jan. 1970 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Foreword This report is geared towards our supporting contributors. We appreciate your efforts as contributors so we thought that some feedback on your work would be a good thing to do. The following report images and data are provided by Google’s Blogger platform and also Google AdSense. 
The dates covered are mainly 2017 but also a retrospect look at where we have come from since initially starting with Blogger in 2010. Our works in postings range from 1987 to the present. With the magic of dating posts we are able to do this. Ultimately the real work has been in 2017 where we set goals for personal posts but we also actively pursued the help of others which makes the project so much more interesting.
Contributors: The following contributors are listed in alphabetical order by last name. The Name link goes to the contributor’s work and the second “Bio” goes to the “About” page and the respective contributor’s biographical information. Not all con…