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Two Poems, Tax and Publishing

31 March 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio

Two of my poems, “How Assumption Defeated the Unisex Invaders” and “New Planet Landscape 7” are now out in “Star*Line” 41.1, and my Rhysling nominated poem “Maintenance Call” is out in the “2018 Rhysling Anthology”, the collection of poems nominated as the best SF offerings of 2017. Both are available from The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association at Both paperback and PDF are offered.
On a funny side note, my tax preparer finished our taxes and noted that a loss from Barking Moose Press (yes, I did have sales, but I also had business expenses, web expenses, and the cost of producing “Avenging Cartography”) helped to reduce my tax bite. The way she put it: “smart, to be able to deduct the cost of your hobby”. Oh, yes. And I made money on my poetry/fiction individual items side, so, with the loss with Barking Moose Press, that income got wiped out for tax purposes, and I came out ahead in ways. Well, I had decided sal…

Hog Barns = Hog Wash!

30. Mar. 2018 By Debbie Wall - Bio
Dutch firm prepares to open hog facility (29 Mar 18)
Given that the definition of accommodate is not only to provide "a place to stay and sleep" but also "what is needed or wanted", it is quite the stretch to use it to describe the conditions the 2,600 boars  imprisoned in the Topigs Norsvin hog facility will endure.  No doubt they will be subjected to the same extreme confinement experienced by their female counter parts.  How else would you keep that many intact males under one roof from fighting?  Just by doing simple math alone, if every inch of the 52,000 square foot factory farm was dedicated to housing, that would mean each boar is allotted all of 20 square feet to live out his life.  This is not much larger than a sow stall.
Why are we investing in a method of production that is not only cruel, but is inefficient, responsible for environmental degradation and species extinction and has huge impacts on human health?  The s…

Indefinite Length, Part 3

27. Mar. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio Indefinite Length Series Page

Charlee left the apartment at dawn, like always. A light fog sat above the ground, turning the neighborhood into the graveyard set for a horror film. Charlee was the only zombie shambling about at that hour, smoking a cigarette and coughing. Blow smoke into the fog. How many particles in that mist are someone else's secondhand smoke? Sneezes? Car exhaust? Inhale, the molecules from the last billion years, stardust and orange rinds and afterbirth now mix with your blood. You are one with everything and apart from yourself, trying to see several yards ahead so you don't step in dog shit. Inhale that, too.
Charlee unlocks the door of Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grille(TM) and goes about the process of readying it for the day's business. First to arrive, last to leave, with a few fifteen-minute breaks sprinkled in between the rushes, the life of a restaurateur is marked by sleep deprivation and …

Indefinite Length, Part 2

9. Mar. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio Indefinite Length Series Page

Fever dreams are part of the healing process. You know this even as you complain aloud in the darkness about having to wipe sweat off your chest, and getting back into bed to lay in a coolish puddle. Elevated body temperature is proof that your cellular soldiers are on patrol. War zone wet sheets and now you're awake, remembering the dream, mind casting about for proof of which parts actually happened.
Metaphorically, of course. You're convinced you learned something.
It always starts at your parents' house, you're always back home, they are working in the garden together and the sun is shining. Maybe the dog is there, maybe another dog you don't recognize. Maybe the backyard is full of relatives. Your bike is in the garage. No one has died, divorced, moved away, except you. Your boss from two jobs ago is in the kitchen, and your ex from three relationships ago is suddenly there and grabs your…

Predatory Garage

07. Mar. 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio

The first obstacle to attending the Norfolk Public Library Local Authors Fair was parking in the Main Street Garage.We pulled in that Saturday morning around 9:30. The garage has a system which works by a driver pressing a green button, a device then ejects a time and date stamped ticket, the restraining arm goes up, and the driver can go in.
What I did not know is that there is a time limit to this.If you press the button, and the ticket spits out, you must take the ticket within a limited number of seconds, or the restraining gate will not rise.

I was not fast enough.But I did not know you could simply repeat the ritual, retain the second ticket, and – if you were quick enough – be rewarded with the rise of the restraining arm.
I saw an attendant and flagged her, whereupon she motioned and went the other way.I sat waiting for about two minutes, then engaged the horn on my stunningly loud Ford Focus.Quickly, the attendant appeared, repressed the button,…

New York Life... Downtown... Getting picky!

3 Mar. 2018 By Mykel Board - Bio

Question 1: How do they know who is and who isn't?

Question 2: This is a landmark building... once the tallest in North America. Do they have a right to deny entrance only to tourists?

Question 3: How about if the tourist is accompanied by a native?

Mykel Board shows that a sign in New York is getting kind of picky.  Sort of like the sign here in Portsmouth that says: "Swimming Point" and then another sign under it: "No Swimming."

If you've enjoyed his writing here. Look below and check out his books.

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