Hog Barns = Hog Wash!

30. Mar. 2018


Dutch firm prepares to open hog facility (29 Mar 18)

Given that the definition of accommodate is not only to provide "a place to stay and sleep" but also "what is needed or wanted", it is quite the stretch to use it to describe the conditions the 2,600 boars  imprisoned in the Topigs Norsvin hog facility will endure.  No doubt they will be subjected to the same extreme confinement experienced by their female counter parts.  How else would you keep that many intact males under one roof from fighting?  Just by doing simple math alone, if every inch of the 52,000 square foot factory farm was dedicated to housing, that would mean each boar is allotted all of 20 square feet to live out his life.  This is not much larger than a sow stall.

Why are we investing in a method of production that is not only cruel, but is inefficient, responsible for environmental degradation and species extinction and has huge impacts on human health?  The short answer is that a few will benefit to the detriment of many.  The future of food for a burgeoning human population that seems incapable of controlling its numbers lies not in animal agriculture, but in plant-based protein and clean, lab-grown meat.  

The Topigs Norsvin facility comprises 52,000 square feet and is scheduled to open by July. 

The Winnipeg Free Press (AKA #Freep) writes about a new hog facility that will breed boars and genetically engineer  them for the consumption of meat eaters around the world. Debbie Wall calls Hogwash on this as this factory farming only hurts humanity in the long run. In the short run its just to get a few perks for a few jerks. 

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