Indefinite Length, Part 3

27. Mar. 2018

Charlee left the apartment at dawn, like always. A light fog sat above the ground, turning the neighborhood into the graveyard set for a horror film. Charlee was the only zombie shambling about at that hour, smoking a cigarette and coughing. Blow smoke into the fog. How many particles in that mist are someone else's secondhand smoke? Sneezes? Car exhaust? Inhale, the molecules from the last billion years, stardust and orange rinds and afterbirth now mix with your blood. You are one with everything and apart from yourself, trying to see several yards ahead so you don't step in dog shit. Inhale that, too.

Charlee unlocks the door of Your Friendly Neighborhood Bar & Grille(TM) and goes about the process of readying it for the day's business. First to arrive, last to leave, with a few fifteen-minute breaks sprinkled in between the rushes, the life of a restaurateur is marked by sleep deprivation and usually a few vices, but other than the occasional smoke, Charlee kept clean. Kept hidden. The long hours keep the body and mind busy, and less sleep means fewer dreams.

The most popular meal ordered today is the boneless chicken wing platter with jalapeƱo slaw and steak fries. Charlee is always struck with a mix of bemusement and despair by the child-like appetites of grown folk. Charlee does not eat steak fries. Charlee prefers meat with the bones intact. The smell of the fryer and fresh peppers and the shouts of the line cooks and the clinking of glasses and the laughter of the teenage wait staff and the screaming babies customers drag in and the sports blaring from the TVs over the bar overwhelm the senses and Charlee's mind is blank. This is the perfect state, this is autopilot, this is instinct-only action and reaction.

This state is upset by the arrival of a man at nine o'clock, table for one, please, who is prepared to wait around until closing time to talk to Charlee.

  Indefinite Length, Part 3 -- Kim Breeding-Mercer
Indefinite Length, Part 3 -- Kim Breeding-Mercer

IN WHICH: Charlee is always struck with a mix of bemusement and despair by the child-like appetites of grown folk.

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