New York Story: Cops and Kids

25. May. 2017
By Mykel Board - Bio

I'm publishing this here by special request... :


Another reminder that, despite the politics, life (and race) is NOT just black or white.

I was in the extremely crowded first car of a subway yesterday. The train pulled into the station late. The driver was a woman (black) and I could see she looked upset when the train arrived.

The train was delayed while there were calls for the transit police to come to the front... an emergency. The doors stayed open while the train became more and more packed. Finally, when no one else could fit in the car, two transit cops arrived (black, white) and forced themselves into the car, next to the driver's compartment.

The driver's door opened and a little boy, maybe 6 years old, (black) walked out wearing a school-like backpack. He had tear-stained cheeks. He looked around the crowded car, ready to cry some more.

One of the transit cops (black) pushes his way to the little boy and makes a path so the kid can get toward the door and the other transit cop. The kid looks up at the two cops, unsure, it seemed, if he should be scared or relieved.

One of the cops (white) softly puts his hand on the kid's shoulder. "Don't worry son," he says, "we'll get you home."

The kid smiled.

It's just a reminder that people are human. Not just good or bad... things are not just black or white. Everyone is mixed. We have good days and bad days. We do good things and bad things. That includes cops, Jewish lawyers, radical rightists, radical leftists, and everyday human beings. We need to stop seeing the world and the people in the world as GOOD or BAD. We need to stop seeing everything in black and white.

So much for this morning's rant.


Mykel Board - New York Life: Not just Black and White
Mykel Board - New York Life: Not just Black and White

Mykel Board is a friend of ours. He sometimes posts on facebook stuff that should be shared with the world. We asked him to post this about his experience watching people be good. We already know that he will point out the opposite. We love Mykel. We've been reading him since 1986 as a Maximum Rock-N-Roll contributor.

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