Universe Building

29th. May. 2018

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

The Setting

Greetings OgFOMK Readers,

In my series universe, the three clans of immortals living on earth are sacrificial lambs for the greater good. I try to stay in only one character's mind, but in this case, a chapter from Triad's perspective seemed important. I thought I'd share this little snippet from my work in progress. 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

A Snippet From Triad's Perspective

It wasn’t long before he began having perilous visions about the repercussions of her recently discovered paternity. Her status as part Guardian was going to come with some rather treacherous complications. She wasn’t doing well adapting to the demanding feeding schedule of a Conduit. Kayn didn’t appear to understand the ability at all, but she always seemed to be able to tap into Frost’s ability. This made sense because Chloe was a part of her and her twin had that same gift. Kayn had also figured out how to summon up orbs of energy to use as a weapon but she had no control over which kind she generated. The shit had hit the fan when she accidentally sent a bunch of demons back through the hall of souls. Mortality was not a reward bestowed upon evil things. There was no greater gift. Mortals were granted the divine privilege of living in blissful ignorance. Sometimes, Kevin wished he was back in his old life completely oblivious to the trials of the afterlife. It was just the two of them against the world. Everything had changed. All he could do is try to keep her one step ahead of the beings that wished to harm her.

     They ended up at the other continent’s pre Summit banquet together and after he’d gone out of his way to warn her, she tossed him over a balcony. A few days later, here he was again having psychic visions of her. She’d been caught by a rather devious sect of Abaddon and as he’d foreseen, they were aware that she could send demons back through the hall of souls. They had to silence the gossip. Every demonic entity would be coming after the promise of salvation. He had another vision and this time, they were trying to force her to put her ability into a weapon. Kevin was about to try to contact her clan when Seth appeared in all of his devious glory. Triad’s Guardian explained the situation, the rest of clan Ankh were too far away to intervene. The Dragons and their Handlers were being held by Abaddon in a farm less then thirty minutes away. They must have been weakened in some way. Taking Lexy was nearly impossible. Triad was the closest so they were being sent in. He wanted to believe Kayn would take herself out before she’d give Abaddon what they wanted but she’d been recklessly unhinged since the Testing. Kevin summoned up every last ounce of their connection to warn her of Abaddon’s true motives. They couldn’t force a dead person to do squat. Kayn had to take herself out. That was the intelligent move. His grandfather was pacing back and forth cursing up a storm. Kevin had been fairly certain that Tiberius had no serious intentions with Lexy but the panic in his eyes, led him to believe he was missing a part of the story. It struck him as peculiar that Tiberius would be this concerned about a girl who was practically indestructible. It didn’t take them long to get to where they’d been told the Ankh were being held. One of their Triad had an ability to find immortal beings at close range using a heat sensing aura filter. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for everyone else to figure out that they’d split up the Dragons and Handlers because there were two accumulations of heat signatures on the property. They were using Zach to control Kayn and Grey to control Lexy. It was the obvious move. At one point in his life he could have guessed every move Kayn would make but not anymore. 

      In his visions Kayn was with Grey and they were trying to force her to put her light into a sword so they could use it to pass through the hall of souls. They peeled away and sped to the closest group of heat signatures. Triad got out and raced to the barn. Instinct told him Kayn wasn’t in there. She was in the barn on the outskirts of the property. Intuition urged him to use their psychic connection to get through to her. Kevin remained in the car with the engine running as he slipped into his mind. She needed to be taken out of the equation. He thought of who Kayn was and what she was destined to become. Visions of her travelled through his mind, the freckles on her skin, the way sunlight shone through her hair brought him to her. She couldn’t see him but he could see her. As Kayn stepped closer to the blade, he fought to get through to her, “No! Don’t do it! We have the others. Take yourself out!" Kayn paused, appearing to be confused. She’d heard him. She took another step, without her eyes leaving the blade on the table. Why should she trust me? She was going to need more. He spoke to her subconscious again, “Do you remember when we were thirteen and we were caught sneaking your dad’s homemade beer out of your carport? I told him it was all me. I told him it was my idea and you didn’t even know I had it. I told you I would always have your back. Please! believe in me now!” 

     Kayn stopped, looked at her captors and said, “I’ll do it, but Grey goes first.”

     Kevin snapped back to the here and now as screams of agony rang out from the barn. Lexy’s up.

     The rest of the Triad sprinted out and got into the vehicle. Tiberius jumped into the front seat yelling, “Go! Go! She’s got this!”

     Kevin stomped on the gas and floored it to the other group. They didn’t need directions. They could see it smoking. They pulled up as a man staggered out of the barn fully engulfed in flames. She’d taken the whole place out. Kevin raced into the inferno. Shots rang out. His eyes met with charbroiled Kayn’s as she went down. Someone walked past lugging a corpse. That must have been Grey. He stood in the backdrop of the raging flames in awe of her sacrifice. She’d listened to him even though she had no reason to. Perhaps, the future he’d envisioned wasn’t a fantasy? He knelt before Kayn, picked her up and walked out with her blistered unrecognizable corpse in his arms. 

     Tiberius commented, “Holy hell. She sure toasted herself. We’ve got to get out of here. I’ve called the Aries Group. They’re on their way. This may seem insensitive, but we don’t have enough room in the car, we’re going to have to put the bodies in the trunk.”

     Kevin placed Kayn’s body on a blanket and someone else tossed Grey’s into the trunk on top of her. Kevin scowled at his fellow Triad as he moved Grey, so he was lying beside her. He tucked them in with another blanket and closed the trunk.

     Stephanie nudged Tiberius and teased, “Are we just delivering the bodies to the others or do we have to give that red-headed psycho a ride?”

     “Jealous?” Tiberius baited.

     “Not in the least,” Stephanie bickered as she stared out of the window while drinking from her water bottle. 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 

Universe Building -- Kim Cormack
Universe Building -- Kim Cormack 


Kim Cormack gives us a sneak peak into Triad's perspective. This is her universe building from the Children of Ankh Series and her latest work in progress. You can find links to her work from her website: http://kimcormack.com Her books are available at Smashwords and Amazon

© Author Kim Cormack  / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Children of Ankh Series - Book 4 of Kayn's series - "Handlers of Dragons" Book 3 of Lexy's series - "Deplorable Me" Coming Summer 2018

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