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New York Life - Weirditude

23. June. 2018 By Mykel Board - Bio

FIRST: Yesterday, I saw a white woman lying on her side on the sidewalk. She was dead or passed out. Her pants were down to her ankles. Kneeling behind her was a black guy with a roll of paper towels, wiping what appeared to be very loose shit from her ass and legs. He was working quickly, yet tenderly.... He clearly cared about her. Disgusting and touching at the same time.
Then there was this woman (see photo) walking in front of me when I was on my way from work to Bryant Park.
I'm glad to know that SOMETIMES at least, NYC can keep its weirditude.

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New York Life: Streets

9. June 2018 By Mykel Board - Bio

Joey Ramone gets a place. Guy R. Brewer gets a whole boulevard. (Who the hell is Guy R. Brewer?) And Winnie and Nelson Mandela... between the two of them?

Something wrong there, don't you think?

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Indefinite Length, Part 8

7. Jun. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio

A certain percentage of any population will always value privacy over convenience, even when not engaged in questionable pursuits. These citizens may be viewed with suspicion by those who haven't, as yet, any reason to hide the goings-on of their own lives from the wide electric eye of the world.
Charlee is having a difficult time locating the persons on the list. The search for Bobby Stillwell proves fruitful first.
Mr. Stillwell had lived in a one-story, three bedroom home with beige shingle siding and black shutters, identical to 14% of the other homes in Charlee's old neighborhood. What made it unique, and an object of much discussion amongst the resident children, were the two tall juniper trees on either side of his front door. The top third of each tree was dead and brown, so that from a distance they looked like two giant, half-peeled ears of corn.
They quite obstructed the view of the door. The rumor was that Mr. Stillwell …