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Swingers - Bukowski

30 July 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Every once in a while I will spot something that drives me to take drastic measures to document things that just don't matter. In this case I was watching the movie Swingers. I noticed the book Hollywood by Charles Bukowski on the table. I did a screen shot. I saved it. 
I checked the properties of the photo: Sat 28 Feb 2009 09∶04∶25 PM EST. 
"Hmm." I thought.

This was found in an archive on another system. Once I moved the photo the data changed. Does it really matter? To me it did. It is just interesting now.

At the time I made the screen shot, saved it, moved it, archived it and forgot it. I know the answer. If you are a fan of Charles Bukowski's work you will know the answer too. As the people who made the movie know the answer. Or was it a set person who knew the answer?

Drunks know the answer. They forget the answer every day. They remember the question. An insane question that rolls around full of pain. At some times a littl…

What's in a name?

By Kim Breeding-Mercer - BioAlex Nuttall - Bio
OgFOMK [awg-fahm keɪ] We here behind the OgFOMK curtain were talking, and then realized the curtain was de trop. We took it down, thanked it, blessed it, and then buried it with honor. Hello from the other side! Allow us to properly introduce the brand. Through a series of posts, this being the first, we're aiming to ramble towards as many truths as we can about ourselves.
Officially, our acronym stands for Optical Graphic Fabrication Of Manufactured Kinesthetics. Did it always? Heck naw! Will it always? Not bloody likely. Since time is an illusion, let's start a list of all the things it has ever, could ever, and shall ever stand for. There's no way we'll capture them all but the exercise itself is the point, right? The AcronymsObservation Gained From Observing ManKindOm Gradually Forces Open My KundaliniOne Gains From Observing Mother's KindnessOstentatious Goodness Forms On My KarmaOmphalos Graduates Freedom, Openin…

Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine -- Square Peg

11 Jul. 2018 By Debbie Wall - Bio
From: Debbie Wall
Sent: July 11, 2018 7:23 AM
To: Letters to the Editor Freep (The Winnipeg Free Press)
Subject: Give your brain a break (9 July 18)

Those with hypercortisolemia wishing to reduce their cortisol levels need look no further than their plates.
There are 750 million farmed animals raised and killed for food in Canada each year.  But where are they?  The vast majority are shuttered behind locked doors of factory farms with no access to fresh air or sunlight.  They live in over-crowded conditions with no ability to engage in natural behaviors.  To off-set the resulting behavioral issues, their bodies are subjected to mutilations and amputations done without analgesia.  They are bred to grow faster and produce more than nature ever intended.  They must endure transport to their deaths up to 36 to 52 hours with no food, water or rest in all extremes of weather.
To refer to the pain, fear, anxiety, sorrow and boredom that is their lives as be…

Indefinite Length, Part 9

8. Jul. 2018 By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio Indefinite Length Series Page

Charlee decides to take the bus instead of hiring a car. Safety in numbers, safety in not sharing exact destinations, safety in keeping fists clenched. The sigil is glowing, has been glowing all morning. That hand is shoved in the pocket of Charlee's trench coat, balled up tight and fingernails making dents in the palm. Nothing to see here, fellow passengers, not plotting to bestow a lifetime of darkness on some white-haired asshole, nope. So maybe it will kill him, who knows? Not our place to judge. This is metaphysical shit, between him and God. But that's certainly not what's in my pocket.
The landscape rolling by outside is mundane and dirty and does not hold Charlee's attention. Fast food, gas station, church, repeat. Inside the bus, the view is only slightly more colorful, mostly thanks to the older woman in a bright floral housedress and hot orange slippers with a gold threaded logo across …