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11 Jul. 2018

From: Debbie Wall
Sent: July 11, 2018 7:23 AM
To: Letters to the Editor Freep (The Winnipeg Free Press)
Subject: Give your brain a break (9 July 18)

Those with hypercortisolemia wishing to reduce their cortisol levels need look no further than their plates.

There are 750 million farmed animals raised and killed for food in Canada each year.  But where are they?  The vast majority are shuttered behind locked doors of factory farms with no access to fresh air or sunlight.  They live in over-crowded conditions with no ability to engage in natural behaviors.  To off-set the resulting behavioral issues, their bodies are subjected to mutilations and amputations done without analgesia.  They are bred to grow faster and produce more than nature ever intended.  They must endure transport to their deaths up to 36 to 52 hours with no food, water or rest in all extremes of weather.

To refer to the pain, fear, anxiety, sorrow and boredom that is their lives as being merely “stress” minimizes their suffering.  Yet, just like us, their bodies produce not only cortisol, but glucose, lactic acid and adrenaline in response.  These don't just drain away with the blood on the killing floor.  Considering that medications can be dosed in micrograms, is there any doubt that ingesting their flesh can alter your biochemistry?  You are what you eat and let thy food be thy medicine.

Debbie Wall
Winnipeg, MB

Debbia Wall writes to The Winnipeg Free Press regarding a health post. She points out that much of the poison is gained not from the human experience but from the experience of the cultivated food stuffs that we consume. She closes with the old adage that thy food is thy medicine.

Our apologies to Debbie for not posting as she has diligently sent us her work as soon as she makes it. (Alex Nuttall --Ed.)

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