Swingers - Bukowski

30 July 2018

Every once in a while I will spot something that drives me to take drastic measures to document things that just don't matter. In this case I was watching the movie Swingers. I noticed the book Hollywood by Charles Bukowski on the table. I did a screen shot. I saved it. 

Swingers, Movie with Hollywood book by Charles Bukowski
Swingers, Movie with Hollywood book by Charles Bukowski
I checked the properties of the photo: Sat 28 Feb 2009 09∶04∶25 PM EST. 

"Hmm." I thought.

Hollywood (Bukowski novel)
Hollywood (Bukowski novel)

This was found in an archive on another system. Once I moved the photo the data changed. Does it really matter? To me it did. It is just interesting now.

Swingers Movie Poster -- "Cocktails first. Questions later."
Swingers Movie Poster

At the time I made the screen shot, saved it, moved it, archived it and forgot it. I know the answer. If you are a fan of Charles Bukowski's work you will know the answer too. As the people who made the movie know the answer. Or was it a set person who knew the answer?

Drunks know the answer. They forget the answer every day. They remember the question. An insane question that rolls around full of pain. At some times a little joy. Mostly there is more pain trying to relive a glory day, a fantasy. A mind form that just won't quit. 

So I poked around. I searched "Swingers Bukowski" I found this: 

Bukowski.net -- Charles Bukowski 12 - 24 -74

More puzzling evidence.  Another clue in the LRRRPG. 

Alex Nuttall discusses finding clues in a movie called Swingers. There is a book that is by Charles Bukowski on the set. Proud to catch a glimpse of the artifact. Another clue in the LRRRPG.

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