What's in a name?


[awg-fahm keɪ]

We here behind the OgFOMK curtain were talking, and then realized the curtain was de trop. We took it down, thanked it, blessed it, and then buried it with honor. Hello from the other side! Allow us to properly introduce the brand. Through a series of posts, this being the first, we're aiming to ramble towards as many truths as we can about ourselves.

Officially, our acronym stands for Optical Graphic Fabrication Of Manufactured Kinesthetics. Did it always? Heck naw! Will it always? Not bloody likely. Since time is an illusion, let's start a list of all the things it has ever, could ever, and shall ever stand for. There's no way we'll capture them all but the exercise itself is the point, right?

The Acronyms

  • Observation Gained From Observing ManKind
  • Om Gradually Forces Open My Kundalini
  • One Gains From Observing Mother's Kindness
  • Ostentatious Goodness Forms On My Karma
  • Omphalos Graduates Freedom, Opening More Kingdoms
  • Oracle Gateway For Open-Minded Kinship

Ol' Dirty...

Finally, our little secret. The July 1988 secret. The month that OgFOMK ArTS Issue #1 was published. There, right on the cover, were the words: "One Giant Fart on Mankind." Oh, the humanity. Oh, the infamy. It was the gift that kept on giving. It was a play on the Apollo 11 Moonwalk and Neil Armstrong's words:

Armstrong: OK, I'm going to step off the LEM [Lunar Module] now. That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. This happened on July 20, 1969. Had we respectfully taken the acronym it would be: OgLFMK. The universe had other plans for us.

Hampton, VA

The first headquarters of the OgFOMK zine was in Hampton, Virginia. If you grew up in that area, located on the peninsula of Hampton Roads, you would have been exposed to the space program, aviation, nautical delights, military might, and churches. A whole lot of churches.

We were doing great things in this area. We were protecting our country, going out into space, and singing for the end of days when our lord Jesus Christ would put all the evil people in Hell and take the rest of us up to Heaven.

Sure we had Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, and the great shot in the arm that was our many diverse immigrants, but (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) we were just buying time until the cleansing apocalypse.

Growing up in this bazaar made for some great learning, diversity, and comedy. Eventually it's become one of the most stable regions in the United States of America. While not perfect, the Hampton Roads area remains a great place of diversity, in spite of its conservative shadow.

Going Inside

We found, after time, that our rants were tiresome. We found our scatology too scattered. We found that the hedonistic debauchery was just too common and boring. We even found that our criticisms, while hitting deaf ears, were worn out and only amusing to those who wanted to save the world by dictation. So, we went inside. We were leaving the pack.

You come full circle sometimes thinking, "I've been here before." Maybe it is a spiral up the mountain where the view is recognizable but distant, and while looking up the goal gets closer and more familiar. That's when you have to break out further by going inside.


[awg-fahm keɪ]

  1. The undifferentiated matter that the Five Aggregates are made of. This is the basic building block of the World (Universe /Multiverse) as we know it.
    1. The Five Aggregates are: Form, Feeling, Perception, Mind Formations and Consciousness.
  2. The acronym of the OgFOMK ArTS group, known also as the Constructive Technology Aggregate.


In the beginning, there was the stress of having made a publication and knowing it was out there. Then there were more publications. Then poetry readings. There were bands. There were meetings. There was an incorporation. Then a URL. Finally the great question: "Now what do we do?"

Do we try to deny what was done? Do we answer those questions with pride? Warts and all, do we reject the relationships we had? The many contributors we sought, embraced, and then had to let go? Do we even look at our own work as delinquent art?


We sit down. We do an After Action Review (AAR). We figure out where our dedication is. We define the raft on the ocean. We give her a name. We hoist the flag! We raise the sail. We raze our egos. We bow. Course now set. Goodbye, beach. Goodbye, shore. Goodbye, land. Hello, universe.

OgFOMK reveals herself


Skandhas (Skt [Sanskrit]) ~ Khanda (Pali) means "heaps, aggregates, collections, groupings."
The five aggregates or heaps are: form (or matter or body - rupa), sensations (or feelings, received from form - vedana), perceptions (samjna [Skt] ~ sañña [Pali]), mental activity or formations (saṃskāra[Skt] ~ saṅkhāra [Pali] ), and consciousness (vijnana [Skt] ~ viññāṇa [Pali]).

Was that on purpose? Optical (vedana) Graphic (samjna) Fabrication (sankhara) of Manufactured (rupa) Kinesthetics (vijnana)

Going inside we found that the center was the undifferentiated matter defining herself as codependent conditions arise. She was a raw thing that was:
Optical Graphic Fabrication Of Manufactured Kinesthetics - OgFOMK

OgFOMK taught us to unlock our minds while we were working together to bring forth literature, art, music, formwork (concrete construction), websites, and whatever we could do as a team that was not destructive to our homes.

Lately We Have...

We have been working for the last two years on this blog, with projects that we are proud of:

Time Travel: We published a lot of old stuff—a digital reunion of Lon Bennett and Alex Nuttall's past works of art, prose and poetry.
A priori Flower: Alex started to draw and before he knew it there was some introspective sauce as he could not ignore his depression and had to meditate, or in fact perish!
Indefinite Length: We moved forward by beginning a new series with Kim Breeding-Mercer's stream-of-consciousness tale of Charlee, who is also trying to gain a foothold from the past to the future.
Poetry: We've invited some great writers to share the hems of their skirts in provocative ways.
Reviews: We've had some serious review work done by Ghillian Porter-Smith.
Rants: Debbie Wall leads the Canadian revolution in Manitoba on Animal Rights in her Square Pegs.
Print: We even stepped up our game and threw together a print version which we called Issue #10 in 2017.
Art: We can't forget the art. It's the second half of our name. Paintings, Photographs, Drawings, CAD, Cartoons, Mixed Media... We've got you covered.


So what is in a name? More than likely it is a word that is nowhere else used. It differentiates the heap from other parts of the heap. It's an epoc. It's a snapshot. It's a raft. It's a boat. It's a vehicle.

OgFOMK is the raw foundation for us to realize the truth, the myth, and what it is we are striving for. We are the lay people. We are not priests from some dead religion. We are not followers of some dogma. We are part of the Long Range Reconnaissance Role Playing Game (LRRRPG)—and that, friends, is another story!

Defining the word and acronym OgFOMK, Kim Breeding-Mercer and Alex Nuttall bring out in public their discussion which is revealing more than they anticipated was possible as editors, publishers and artists.

© OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. -- "What's in a name?"

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