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4/ Aug. 2018

Here's the latest letter that I've written to the Winnipeg Free Press.  I've tried every which way to get a link for you using the title of the related article (in the subject line), to no avail.  Maybe someone there has the magic touch?? (I did a Google Search and found it --Ed. Alex)


Deb & The Gang of Fur

New HyLife feedmill brings more bacon to Killarney

RE: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/business/new-hylife-feedmill-brings-more-bacon-to-killarney-489840201.html

From: Debbie Wall
Sent: August 3, 2018 7:23 AM
To: Letters to the Editor Freep (Winnipeg Free Press)
Subject: New HyLife feedmill brings more bacon to Killarney (2 Aug 18)

From Freep (https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/) | https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/business/new-hylife-feedmill-brings-more-bacon-to-killarney-489840201.html
From Freep -- "New HyLife feedmill brings more bacon to Killarney"

This is hardly a good news story.  Now millions more pigs will be born into a life of misery, living in extreme confinement, never experiencing the simple joys of fresh air and sunshine and unable to express any of their natural behaviors.  They will consume the corn, grain and soybean that could have fed many, many more humans.  They will be subjected to standard industry practices such as ear notching, tail docking, tooth clipping and castration which are all performed without anesthesia.  Piglets who are ill will be killed by swinging them by their hind legs and slamming their heads onto concrete floors.

They will have to endure being shipped to their slaughter in metal trailers with no food, water and rest in all extremes of weather.  And what horror awaits them at the $140-million kill floor?   Will they have a captive bolt slammed through their skulls?  Electrocution?   Will they be lowered screaming to their deaths in a CO2 chamber?

With an emphasis on speed, how many will enter the scalding tanks while still alive?

Their flesh will be sold to countries where very little meat is traditionally consumed while we must deal with the millions of liters of manure produced.  And those same countries will also be importing the chronic and degenerative health problems that plague ours including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

The future of food is plant-based and lab-grown "clean" meat.  Yet the Pallister government has enacted policies that enable the expansion of animal agriculture which, along with the exploding human population, presents the greatest threat to our beautiful planet.    

Mother Earth is reaching her tipping point and this will only help push her over the edge.   When the moment of truth comes and we're all crying "What did we do to deserve this?", the answer will be . . . everything.  My heart breaks for the innocents we are taking down with us.

Debbie Wall

Debbie Wall writes letters to a lot of people. Many times they are in response to animals treated as garbage. In this case she is responding to the Freep (Winnipeg Free Press) article: "New HyLife feedmill brings more bacon to Killarney" where pigs suffer for the marketplace in a factory no better than a concentration camp.

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