Square Peg - Pigs Mistreated En Route to Slaughter

9. Aug. 2018
By Debbie Wall - Bio

Hi there!  Debbie Wall here. The Freep kept me busy this weekend writing this letter to the editor in response to the following article:

From: Debbie Wall
Sent: August 7, 2018 7:06 AM
To: Letters to the Editor Freep
Subject: Animal rights group claims pigs were mistreated en route to slaughter (4 Aug 18)

So much finger pointing I'm surprised nobody lost an eye.  But all roads in the blame game eventually lead to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency whose veterinarian found the load "in compliance with the Health of Animals Regulations." And no doubt it was, given Canada has the shameful reputation of having the weakest animal transport laws in the western world. Depending on species, animals can be transported continuously with no food, water or rest for 36 to 52 hours in all extremes of weather.  Those crossing over the border and into the United States have the clock set back to zero.  Hundreds of thousands die en route annually.

Attempts to make meaningful, science-based upgrades to these regulations are met with vehement opposition from industry whose bottom line would be adversely affected by improving conditions for the animals.  Maple Leaf Foods Vice President of Animal Care, Veterinarian Greg Douglas, says Maple Leaf Foods is on record supporting long over-due changes to these laws, but what is stopping them from making their own improvements to the lives of the pigs they profit from, from their birth to their slaughter, right now?
And when Mr. Douglas describes  the events as "completely unacceptable and unfortunate," one has to wonder if he's referring to the fact that they got caught.  I am hard pressed to believe either this is some sort of one-off and isolated incident or that Maple Leaf Foods was somehow totally unaware all along.
Andrew Dickson of Manitoba Pork questions the ability of anyone to assess the conditions of the pigs on the video, which is available to all who may wish to view and decide for themselves.  But the one irrefutable fact is the number of pigs in there which, I assume, should be well documented.  To gain understanding, I would like to suggest a public relations stunt for the pork industry where the equivalent number of people make the same journey in the identical trailer under the same conditions.  To better experience what the pigs, who have no sweat glands, have to endure participants would have to agree to being wrapped in plastic.
Besides Mr. Douglas, Mr. Dickson and other executives from associated corporations, those who could also benefit from taking part in such an exercise would include owners of transport companies, ministers of agriculture on both the federal and provincial levels, MP's and MLA's, the premiers, the Prime Minister himself, the directors and inspectors from the CFIA . . . and The Free Press's own "Mr. Bacon" Doug Speirs.

Debbie Wa11
And the Gang of Fur

Passionate about getting things right, Debbie Wall shares with us in her Square Peg series letters that she has written to folks who mean something to her and the subjects that those people or publications cover. Debbie is a vegan living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In this letter she is concerned with the discovery of inhumane conditions of pigs going to slaughter. 

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