Joey Jumpkins Eats His Scabs!

I've been going through a folder of my old writing, looking for a particular short poem to share here at OgFOMK... alas, I still haven't located it, BUT I did uncover this gem. From 2004, please enjoy...

Joey Jumpkins Eats His Scabs!

Joey Jumpkins, full of pep
Joey Jumpkins, watch your step!
Skipping down the cobblestones
Rattling your small leg bones

Joey Jumpkins, never still
Joey Jumpkins, down the hill
Tripping down the cobblestones
Scraping up your poor leg bones

Joey Jumpkins, bruised and sore
Joey Jumpkins, jump no more
Now your legs are ripe with gore!
Whatever were you running for?

Joey Jumpkins, home from school
Joey Jumpkins, is that drool?
First he nibbles, then he dabs -
Joey Jumpkins eats his scabs!

Kim unearthed a bit of gruesome rhyming poesy from ye olden year of 2004.

© Kim Breeding-Mercer / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - "Joey Jumpkins East His Scabs!"

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