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The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3

28. Oct. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3 -- Alex Nuttall 20181028
The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3 -- Alex Nuttall 20181028

The Shooting in Pittsburgh

I didn't think I needed to write Jazz Rabbi, Part 3. After yesterday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue I'm up this morning doing so. Those who have inspired the hatred that has manifested into bombs and bullets are responsible. Killing those responsible would only perpetuate the problem.

Taking a human life is suicide. Homicide is suicide. Why? Upon deeper investigation there is the truth that the privilege to choose is human and to promote the destruction of another human is far worse than doing the act.

The gunman, the bomb maker and the promoter are living the worst possible lives. The salesman to homicide is headed for a darkness in sickness, old age and eventual death. These forces follow us all. To motivate so much and then to have increased one's own suffering by doing so is the worst possible choice..

There will be a day when he or she will wish for the end. Guilt will not let go. The only friend will be an adult diaper that may or may not get changed as a result of the compassion-less fruition.

Faith Without Action

I wanted to come up with something brilliant to say. I wanted to make it go away. The truth is that I’m responsible. I want to blame someone else, but I can’t. I’m responsible for the safety and respect of other human beings and for that matter all beings.

So I apologize for being careless. I love each and every one of you. I hope that from this day on I can create a safe, loving and kind world. 

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3 -- Alex Nuttall 20181028
The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3 -- Alex Nuttall 20181028

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Writing by Alex Nuttall, title: The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3, Original Date: 20181028 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181028.

I didn't think I needed to write Jazz Rabbi, Part 3. After yesterday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue I'm up this morning doing so. Those who have inspired the hatred that has manifested into bombs and bullets are responsible. Killing those responsible would only perpetuate the problem. Posted by Alexander Nuttall  October 25, 2018 (


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“The Jazz Rabbi, Part 3“ – 28. Oct. 2018  – Writing, Non-Fiction, Judaism, Faith


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The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2

27. Oct. 2018

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2 -- Alex Nuttall 20181027
The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2 -- Alex Nuttall 20181027

Going to Temple

I went to the Orthodox Temple on Saturday. I wore my favorite gray cardigan sweater, khaki slacks, wing-tip shoes and a white shirt. The only person I knew here was the Rabbi. Upon entering I was handed a yamaka. I was told that I could keep it. It was really nice. My first yamaka.

I sat on the men's side of the temple.  There were pews just like any church. There were prayer books too. There were hymnals. There were not communion shot glasses. We were not going to drink the blood of Christ, grape juice (Southern Conservative Baptist) or wine (Catholic).

The temple was warm. The pulpit was there. The Torah arrived on time.

The Torah

Everyone was friendly. I felt comfortable. The men wore the prayer clothes. The unusual part to me were the boxes strapped to their heads. I couldn’t help but to think of the word “cube” which has roots with the word “Kaaba”

The service went on. I sang the hymns. I read the scriptures. I saw the English translations. One thing caught my eye. A hymn translated in English was thankful that the People of the Book were not made as Gentiles, Slaves or Women. I couldn’t blame them for not wanting to be Gentiles. But it stuck with me.


After the service a man walked up to me. He was about 40 years old. He looked intelligent and friendly. He introduced himself and we shook hands.

I told him why I was there. He asked if I was circumcised. I was. He knew that I was not born a Jew but he could care less. I was interesting to him. He invited me to his home for dinner. It turns out that he and the Rabbi were very good friends.

I am a little foggy on whether we left the temple to go to his home or I was to arrive later. So I’ll just move on to the arrival at his home. His home was within walking distance of the temple and my apartment. I didn’t drive.

I arrived at his home. I knocked on the door. The door open. His whole family was there to greet me. At about the same time the Rabbi arrived too. Again, did we walk from the temple or just arrive at the same time? I dunno.

The man introduced his wife. She was an attractive, smart looking lady.  I reached out my hand to shake hers. She shook my hand but said, “Because we are Orthodox men don’t shake hands with women. It’s OK. You’ll learn.” I looked at my new friend, her husband and he smiled and nodded. I shook his hand too.

Their sons were also at the door. One son was a military looking fellow and another looked more like a liberal arts guy. I was both so I could tell either way.  The two sons smiled and shook my hand in turn. Everyone, Mom, Dad and the sons, had great hand shakes. These people were definitely outstanding world-class Americans.

The Family greeted the Rabbi as an old friend. We were both invited inside. “Please come in.”


There are two insides here. Inside of me and inside of the house. The inside of the house was  comfortable, clean and there was no television to be seen.

There were books on shelves. There were curio cabinets with nick-knacks. We were seated in the living room. Adjacent there was a large table in a dining area.

I sat on a couch. The Rabbi sat beside me. The father, the sons, and the Rabbi all spoke with me and each other. The father was a U.S. Navy officer. One of the sons was serving in the Israeli army.  Another son was a scholar.

The conversation segued to Islam. I had told them that I had actually been a muslim a few years back. We discussed Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael and how the Jews and Arabs were cousins. One son, the liberal arts guy, said to his father, “So the Arabs are actually our brothers?”

“Yes.” Said the father.

Again the question of whether I was circumcised came up from one of the sons. “Yes, he’s been circumcised.” Jumps in the father to his son. Everyone seemed satisfied with that answer.

The Miracle

Eventually Mom calls us to dinner. The table was full of food. I was hungry for sure. I had only eaten my butter biscuits. I still had my 20 dollars from selling plasma. Depending on how tonight went I was either going to get some food later or some booze. Or I just might turn my life around and find God.

Inside I was praying to God now. I was thankful for the new friends and the dinner. I sat opposite of the two sons and the Rabbi. Dad sat at the head of the table facing the front door. Mom moved about preparing and serving.

We all broke bread together.

I started to sweat a little now. I began to think about me being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I had not eaten chicken, beef, or pork (no worries here) in 11 years. I then let go. I said to God in my mind, “OK, if I am served chicken soup I will eat it. I’ll eat whatever I am given. I am in your hands, God.” Done. I had prayed my last prayer before I was going to be fed animals.

The soup bowl arrived. It was a very nice large soup bowl. I could smell the chicken soup. As  Mom gently placed it before me I looked up at her and smiled. Then the miracle happened.

With the bowl in front of me and her right hand holding the edge she said with gently concern, “Are you vegetarian?”

I almost fell out of my chair. I almost cried. Where the did that come from? I said, “Yes.” as if I had just been caught stealing cookies.

She smiled. “Well, why didn’t you tell me! It’s not a problem let me get you some different soup.”
I looked around. No one was shocked. No one disapproved. This cosmopolitan Orthodox family had knowledge of many things strange, good and human. I was just another guest who was to be honored. So I had my first Kosher Vegetarian dinner at their house. I didn’t even have to tap-dance in order to vent my concern. God had made sure that I was comfortable and loved.

Dinner Talk

As we all continued to eat. The subject of my Jewish future developed. The Rabbi was against it. The father was for it. The sons were for it. The mother, Mom, she said, “Don’t let Rabbi (Name Withheld) talk you out of this. He’s just very cautious. You know we are your family so let us worry about him.

I was already part of the family. The Rabbi was none perturbed at the conversation. This was normal rapport. Here one could discuss openly anything in a civil manner. No behind the back talk. It was all out in the open.

After dinner we all shook hands and said goodbye to each other. The Rabbi and I left at the same time. He went home and I went to my apartment on the other side of Colley Ave. We were to have a few more discussions and interactions. Then I just stopped. I moved onto something else. I will always remember the miracle and the family and the Rabbi. I think I need to say hello some time again but that was 21 years ago!

The Jazz Rabbi

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Writing by Alex Nuttall, title: The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2, Original Date: 20181026 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181026.

"The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2" is about how Alex Nuttall went through a brief Judaic phase. It all started with a crazy dream about a drumming Viking who said, "Shalom". Some of the details in this story have been changed to protect and respect the privacy of others. Part 2 shows the great miracle that happened. Posted by Alexander Nuttall  October 25, 2018 (

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“The Jazz Rabbi, Part 2“ – 26. Oct. 2018  – Writing, Non-Fiction, Judaism, Faith

#OgFOMK #AlexNuttall #Faith #JazzRabbi #Judaism #Pray #Shalom

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The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1

25. Oct. 2018

The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1 -- Alex Nuttall 20181025
The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1 -- Alex Nuttall 20181025

The Dream

I went to sleep that night hungry. I lived in an apartment in Ghent, Norfolk, Virginia. It was sometime in the late 1990s. The year was 1998. I couldn't keep a job. I was depressed. I prayed all the time.

I have prayed as many times and as many ways as there are humans on this earth. When I went to sleep that night I had yet to pray like a Jew. You see, I've been a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim and a Buddhist but not yet a Jew. 

I had a dream. In the dream I was in a gymnasium. It was large. There were thousands of people in the gym. In the center I saw a red haired and red bearded fellow whom I thought was a viking. He was a powerful man. He also played the drums. He was amazing.

I walked up to the man as he played. He was drumming like crazy. He was all over the drum set. Beating, beating, beating on those skins. Ba-tap! Ba-bomp! Ba-ting! Ba-too! He showed no mercy on those drums and our ears. The ears of myself and the audience begged him for more. Ba-tap! Ba-bomp! Ba-ting! Ba-too! 

I walked closer and closer as he continued to play. I could not see has face. I was behind him. He kept on playing until I was about 5 feet from him. He turned around and we made eye contact. He stopped playing. It was silent. He said, "Shalom."

End of dream. I woke up in a sweat. It was about just about dusk. It was a cool November morning. The radiator creaked and ping-dinged as it did its job. The windows were open. An empty bottle of cheap whisky was on the floor beside my bed. I had to do something.

I got up on my knees and I prayed to God.

"Dear God," I began, "Thank you for the dream that I received..." 

I don't know what else I prayed exactly but I am sure that that is how I started. As a young person I watched many televangelists on TV. I went to church and Sunday School with joy! I was good at praying. I was a pro! But I hadn't prayed in a while. I was due for some good praying. I needed me some religion. So I thanked God for the dream and promised I would go find a temple and start praying some more. It was a sign.

I took a shower and got on some nice clothes. I wanted to be presentable.  I began my journey.

The Journey

It was about 8 o'clock in the morning when I left my apartment and went for a walk. I was bundled up for the brisk chill. I was showered. I had shat. I had shaved. 

I was a Ghentile in Ghent. Besides the many fine churches in Ghent. Ghent has three Jewish temples within walking distance of each other. One is a Reform Temple, another is a Conservative Temple and finally there is an Orthodox Temple.  I needed to meet with a Rabbi and tell him about my dream.

The first place I went to was a Reform temple. It was a beautiful, massive structure. My church growing up was called Temple Baptist. This temple looked exactly like my old church except it was a synagogue . 

I walked into the temple and a secretary was there. I said to her, "Is the Rabbi in?" She explained to me that he was not and that I could set up an appointment. I told her that I would be back later and thanked her for speaking with me.

 I did not want to set up an appointment. I didn't tell her that I was on fire inside. I smiled and left.

The second synagogue I went to was a Conservative Temple. It was very fancy and nice as well. It looked more like a temple and less like a church. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I had to be buzzed in so I rang the bell. I voice came from another side out of a tiny speaker. 

"Hello," she said.

"Hi," I countered. "My name is Alex Nuttall. I would like to speak with the Rabbi."

"He's not available." End of discussion.

There must have been a camera too. I didn't see her, but she saw me. I was not attractive. I left.

I knew there was one more place I could check. It was an Orthodox Temple. The place was not as fancy as the other two. Outside it looked like a simple country church sans the cross. It was a white building. Paint was peeling. It needed some love.

I went for the front door and it was unlocked. I opened it. Inside it was warm. It was well lit. There was a desk and a secretary sat there. She greeted me warmly. 

"Hello, my name is Alex. I would like to speak with the Rabbi."

She smiled. "Sure, hold on. Let me see if he's available."

She walked away and I stood and waited. Everything in this temple looked familiar and also strange. I had grown up playing and swimming at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Newport News, Virginia. Many of my friends had been Jewish. I even knew Hanukkah songs because our elementary school had Christmas and Hanukkah programs together. I was very comfortable with Jewish people and their faith. I had yet, to actually go to a temple. I had no idea what the differences were in Jewish practice and faith. 

The secretary returned. She said, "The Rabbi will see you now. Please follow me."

 She led me to his office. I walked into a scholarly office. To the side of a beautiful wooden desk was a man about my height. He extended his hand and I shook it. He has red haired and red bearded gentleman just like my drum playing viking. He introduced himself and I did the same. He asked me to be seated.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"I know this is really strange and I apologize for bothering you. I would like to share with you a dream that I had." 

He patiently listened. He nodded his head. He smiled.

When I was finished his eyes were very friendly. He continued to smile. He said, "I used to be in a Jazz band. I played the drums. As a matter of fact, my drum set is set up here at the temple in the other room."

My spine tingled the same way it did when I first heard Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze".
The Jazz Rabbi -- © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 20181025
The Jazz Rabbi -- © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 20181025

Praying on

My conversation with the Rabbi was warm with caution. The Rabbi made it very clear that he was not about converting Gentiles to Jews. "We are not in the business of proselytizing!" He would say. He even took the time to educate me on a group of Gentiles who practiced kosher and were not Jews. I listened. By this time I grew to like him even more. He was human. He was not a salesman. He also was the guy I saw in my dream.

After our meeting I made up my mind to go to the next Sabbath Service. It was a couple days away. In the mean time I wanted to go to the library and researched all I could about Judaism. I also wanted to sell my plasma so that I could eat. I was still hungry.

I had about 3 dollars in change. I walked to Hardee's and bought two butter biscuits.  I sat down inside and contemplated everything. My dream, the meeting, discouragement and my resolution to become a Jew. I was praying inside at every moment when I was not planning what to do next.

After I sold my plasma I went to the Larchmont Library.  I drove my blue Ford Fiesta there. I now had twenty dollars. I was going to make it.

"The Jazz Rabbi, Part 1" is about how Alex Nuttall went through a brief Judaic phase. It all started with a crazy dream about a drumming Viking who said, "Shalom". Some of the details in this story have been changed to protect and respect the privacy of others.

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Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months

13. Jan. 2018

Google is "sunsetting" the consumer end of Google+ . As Blogger users we have a choice on our profiles to either use Google+ or Blogger. This profile is seperate from our About page which has more specific profile information as contributors to OgFOMK ArTS.

I've switched the settings in our blog to default now to the Blogger profiles: Here is Kim's and here is mine. I actually like it better because it keeps anyone curious about us focused within the Blogger ecosystem. The biggest problem I had with Google+ profile is that it could send you everywhere but back to where you came from. For navigation purposes that's a "no-go." 

I like Google+. I don't love it. I follow a lot of interesting people. It's ending so that's that.

My favorite Social network is LinkedIn for me and OgFOMK ArTS . My most used is Facebook. I still like Twitter (Thanks to President Donald Trump a whole lot of people use Twitter now). 

All of these are limited in scope and range because they are canvases and not original works. For us at it is the next best thing to a print 'zine. We love publishing. I'll miss Google+ but I won't put any more energy into it unless Google asks me to participate in the Enterprise stuff. That could be interesting. I won't hold my breath.

For now please update your profile on Blogger if you write for us. You Google+ will probably still show for a while. I'd recommend putting a little energy into this. 

Alexander Nuttall -- "Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months"
Alexander Nuttall -- "Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months"

Alexander Nuttall, Publisher and Writer for OgFOMK ArTS, discusses the Blogger profile choices and has migrated from Google+ to the Blogger profile.

© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - OgFOMK ArTS Development - Operations - "Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months"

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OK, So Maybe You Will Find Us On Facebook

2. October 2018

Yep, We sure were angry. We were very upset. Out of control, we felt. Too busy. A cluttered mess of me, myself and I.

The OgFOMK ArTS social media train wreck.

We got over it with a little bit of Rhythm and Blues. 

As we disconnected not just OgFOMK but our personal profile we waited for our profile to die. Facebook was toxic and too busy. Our profile died. Happiness from a new birthday party! (Nick Cave Reference). 

Fortunately the co-editor kept her cool. She just watched the baby poop on itself. It wasn't her baby. She just bought diapers, sang songs and listened to the ramblings of the baby. She knew it was just like a hurricane. It would pass.

Alex Nuttall -- CEO and Train Wreck
Alex Nuttall -- Editor, Publisher, CEO and Train Wreck

We had a meeting in my head.  "Self", I said, "you need to exercise all avenues for OgFOMK ArTS!  You have to work hard to stabilize the brand, the people and the posting." The committee of one voted and we decided to keep the personal shit down to nothing.  On the other hand we cared about the work we were doing and we wanted our artists, writers and craftworkers to get the best coverage as possible.

Facebook is big. Who knows how long it will be around. Facebook does some very good things like events and sharing and there are people who are just wasting time moving from one idea to another. Those are the people who are looking for happiness and who knows maybe we will be a source. There are also those who focus, extract and leave.

But we won't put our material on Facebook. As in whole posts, whole works.... That's not good. That just keeps Facebook in control of all traffic. Facebook will shoot your head full of ads based on whatever. You can do better than that.  

The truth is that we are standing on organic traffic that has been earned from the contributors and our efforts to share, network and connect with people who we feel will enjoy the work.

We send out to the Hacker's Network, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Odnoklassniki, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, email and other channels that make sense at the time. Some are problematic. All of it takes a lot of time. But it is worth that one gem that comes out of it.

We implore those who at least tolerate us to share our posts with your peeps. It helps. Sharing helps to bridge gaps and build a following that empowers us to be an alternative to a lot of very negative and marginal media. We need to have fun and we need to make our world a creative balance. There is a war on intellectuals. There is a war on artists. There is a war on craft people. Our work is deemed a waste of time. The reality is that the work we humans do is built on a foundation of inspire, create and collect. 

Below are some screen shots from today's data:

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Week
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Week

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - All Time
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - All Time

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Day
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Day

In conclusion we'll try to keep it simple. Hopefully some good sole will help us with this. Or maybe all of you will just share us a little too! We are appreciate everyone who has given us a few minutes. Enjoy!

Alex Nuttall admits defeat on trying to live without Facebook. What a wimp! Like, do we need a wimp like him to be wishy-washy? The answer is yes, because he will buy us tacos. We love tacos. 

© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Journal - OgFOMK ArTS Operations - "OK, So Maybe You Will Find Us On Facebook"

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