Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months

13. Jan. 2018

Google is "sunsetting" the consumer end of Google+ . As Blogger users we have a choice on our profiles to either use Google+ or Blogger. This profile is seperate from our About page which has more specific profile information as contributors to OgFOMK ArTS.

I've switched the settings in our blog to default now to the Blogger profiles: Here is Kim's and here is mine. I actually like it better because it keeps anyone curious about us focused within the Blogger ecosystem. The biggest problem I had with Google+ profile is that it could send you everywhere but back to where you came from. For navigation purposes that's a "no-go." 

I like Google+. I don't love it. I follow a lot of interesting people. It's ending so that's that.

My favorite Social network is LinkedIn for me and OgFOMK ArTS . My most used is Facebook. I still like Twitter (Thanks to President Donald Trump a whole lot of people use Twitter now). 

All of these are limited in scope and range because they are canvases and not original works. For us at it is the next best thing to a print 'zine. We love publishing. I'll miss Google+ but I won't put any more energy into it unless Google asks me to participate in the Enterprise stuff. That could be interesting. I won't hold my breath.

For now please update your profile on Blogger if you write for us. You Google+ will probably still show for a while. I'd recommend putting a little energy into this. 

Alexander Nuttall -- "Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months"
Alexander Nuttall -- "Google+ For Consumers is Ending in 10 Months"

Alexander Nuttall, Publisher and Writer for OgFOMK ArTS, discusses the Blogger profile choices and has migrated from Google+ to the Blogger profile.

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