OK, So Maybe You Will Find Us On Facebook

2. October 2018

Yep, We sure were angry. We were very upset. Out of control, we felt. Too busy. A cluttered mess of me, myself and I.

The OgFOMK ArTS social media train wreck.

We got over it with a little bit of Rhythm and Blues. 

As we disconnected not just OgFOMK but our personal profile we waited for our profile to die. Facebook was toxic and too busy. Our profile died. Happiness from a new birthday party! (Nick Cave Reference). 

Fortunately the co-editor kept her cool. She just watched the baby poop on itself. It wasn't her baby. She just bought diapers, sang songs and listened to the ramblings of the baby. She knew it was just like a hurricane. It would pass.

Alex Nuttall -- CEO and Train Wreck
Alex Nuttall -- Editor, Publisher, CEO and Train Wreck

We had a meeting in my head.  "Self", I said, "you need to exercise all avenues for OgFOMK ArTS!  You have to work hard to stabilize the brand, the people and the posting." The committee of one voted and we decided to keep the personal shit down to nothing.  On the other hand we cared about the work we were doing and we wanted our artists, writers and craftworkers to get the best coverage as possible.

Facebook is big. Who knows how long it will be around. Facebook does some very good things like events and sharing and there are people who are just wasting time moving from one idea to another. Those are the people who are looking for happiness and who knows maybe we will be a source. There are also those who focus, extract and leave.

But we won't put our material on Facebook. As in whole posts, whole works.... That's not good. That just keeps Facebook in control of all traffic. Facebook will shoot your head full of ads based on whatever. You can do better than that.  

The truth is that we are standing on organic traffic that has been earned from the contributors and our efforts to share, network and connect with people who we feel will enjoy the work.

We send out to the Hacker's Network, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Odnoklassniki, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, email and other channels that make sense at the time. Some are problematic. All of it takes a lot of time. But it is worth that one gem that comes out of it.

We implore those who at least tolerate us to share our posts with your peeps. It helps. Sharing helps to bridge gaps and build a following that empowers us to be an alternative to a lot of very negative and marginal media. We need to have fun and we need to make our world a creative balance. There is a war on intellectuals. There is a war on artists. There is a war on craft people. Our work is deemed a waste of time. The reality is that the work we humans do is built on a foundation of inspire, create and collect. 

Below are some screen shots from today's data:

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Week
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Week

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - All Time
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - All Time

20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Day
20181002 - OgFOMK ArTS Data on Views - Day

In conclusion we'll try to keep it simple. Hopefully some good sole will help us with this. Or maybe all of you will just share us a little too! We are appreciate everyone who has given us a few minutes. Enjoy!

Alex Nuttall admits defeat on trying to live without Facebook. What a wimp! Like, do we need a wimp like him to be wishy-washy? The answer is yes, because he will buy us tacos. We love tacos. 

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