One More Sleep! Tomorrow is the big release day for Deplorable Me!

21. Oct. 2018

A sexy dark comic romp through the afterlife with three clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes.

Orin was surprisingly fine with being her relief pitcher. Tiberius was becoming impossible to resist and Grey was boiling rabbits in the backyard jealous...What could go wrong? 

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What Happened in the First Two Books?

After a dark past, a teenage girl comes back from the dead and becomes a hit man for a clan of immortals.

Born to a mother who dies during childbirth, Lexy begins her mortal life with nothing and no one. She moves from one foster home to the next, until age eleven when she decides to run away with a group of friends. After a falling out she is left alone once again. She has the misfortune of being abducted by a stranger and is held captive on a farm for five long years. During this time, she becomes completely subservient, knowing if she fought back, she would join those who came before her at the bottom of the well on the property. Emotionally vacant, she meets a child named Charlotte who teaches her to feel again. She listens to stories of Charlotte’s house with the yellow door and fantasizes that someday they will go there together. When Lexy’s reason for living dies, something within her snaps and she’s put down like a rabid dog. Her immortal birthright is triggered. She awakens in the slime of partially submerged corpses at the bottom of the well of children lost. As an emotionless Dragon, she climbs out and rids the word of the depraved beings with unbridled rage and an ax.

She leaves the dark farm, bringing along another recently abducted child. Lexy drops her off at the police station but doesn’t know the entire town has been taken over by demons. Once again Lexy Abrelle trusted the wrong people. She rids the town of demons but can’t bring herself to rejoin humanity. Our antihero ends up living in a cabin in the woods with a pack of stray dogs as her only company for a year and a half, destroying all who came for her. Her canine companions vanish. Lexy spends the next six months alone, surviving on what she catches in animal traps. Starving and isolated, our not so lovable antihero is teetering on the edge of sanity when she finds a young man caught in one of her traps.

Grey is sent into the woods by Clan Ankh’s Oracle to find the elusive Wild Thing. Unlucky by nature he gets caught in her trap, breaking his leg. Even though Lexy is starving, she frees him. Grey follows her back to her cabin with a broken leg. She ends up healing him and they bond. She agrees to come back to Clan Ankh after he vows to always be her friend. Clan Triad comes for her and she fights them off, but they capture Grey. Lexy saves him and they go back to Clan Ankh together, where he stays true to his word and she finds the family she has always wanted.

The three new Ankh go into the Immortal Testing. Lexy, Grey and Arrianna survive their own personal versions of hell and become fully Enlightened. Grey becomes Lexy’s Handler as she succumbs to the Dragon within. There is a clause in the Dragon Handler agreement… Grey’s memory is erased whenever they become physically intimate. This goes on for forty years. Lexy fights with Tiberius at the Immortal Summit and succumbs to the volatile attraction.

Forty years after her trio of partially immortal teens survived the Testing another group finally makes it out. Kayn is revealed to be a Dragon. Lexy isn’t sure how she feels about it at first, but they become murder buddies.

Lexy stretches the limits of her Handler Dragon bond as she starts something with Orin, who is also Ankh but the dark attraction she feels for Tiberius isn’t easy to shake and she finds herself in many inappropriate situations with her enemy. Clan Ankh begins collecting teens as they survive their Corrections for the next group to brave the Immortal Testing

Both series take place in the same universe of characters.

Lexy's Series

Wild Thing
Wicked Thing
Deplorable Me

Next up on my writing list is book five in Kayn's Series

Sweet Sleep
Let There Be Dragons
Handlers of Dragons
Coming Soon XO

Orin was surprisingly fine with being her relief pitcher. Tiberius was becoming impossible to resist and Grey was boiling rabbits in the backyard jealous...What could go wrong? Kim Cormack's Deplorable Me release date: 22 October 2018.

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