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16. Nov. 2018

Debbie Wall's Animal Writes

Wrote this letter.  Not super happy with it, but I'm tight on time organizing the show and hoping I don't come down with whatever is threatening to take me out.

From: Debbie Wall's Animal Writes
Sent: November 15, 2018 7:31 PM
Subject: In defence (sp) of Canada's dairy farmers (15 Nov 18)

Author David Gray goes to great lengths to perpetuate the "laughing cow" image portrayed by the dairy industry, but the fact is that even those farms identifying as being "organic" can only exist by forcing these gentle creatures to endure the same "tour of grief" that brought the world to tears when experienced by a mother orca.

Like all mammals, cows only produce milk to feed their young. They are artificially impregnated, giving birth 9 months later only to have their babies taken from them shortly there after. They are known to bellow for days in their grief and, after subsequent pregnancies, some will even try to hide their newborns. This cycle is repeated yearly.

They have been bred to produce more milk than nature ever intended and are considered to be "spent" only five years into a life that should span twenty-five at which point they are shipped to their slaughter. In Canada it is legal to transport cattle non-stop with no food, water or rest for up to 52 hours. They travel in metal trailers in all extremes of temperatures.

While the author tries to paint a picture of a happy nursery, the hutches are little more than plastic crates keeping the calves in isolation, never to experience the love of their mothers. And you can bet that they are female, doomed to take their mothers' places. Their brothers, considered waste products, would have already been sent for slaughter or to a veal farm.

We are the only animal that drinks the mammary excretions of another species, often well into adulthood. This is not without consequences and dairy consumption has been linked to health problems from acne and ear infections, to auto-immune diseases, to cancers of the breast, ovaries and prostate. The dairy industry has raised the specter of osteoporosis should we not consume their products, but populations with the highest consumption of dairy have the highest rates of hip fractures. Dairy is the number one source of saturated fat in the standard North American diet contributing to heart disease and stroke.

The industry also wreaks havoc on the environment. Besides the water the cows themselves drink, vast quantities are used to irrigate feed crops and clean facilities. The resulting vast quantities of urine and manure contribute to algae over-growth in our water ways. Cows produce methane, which is more potent as a heat trapping gas than CO2.

Any of the beneficial nutrients in cow's milk can be obtained from plant sources, but without the attendant welfare, health or environmental concerns. Got milk? Got misery.

Debbie Wall
Debbie Wall's Animal Writes -- Canadian Pawty Flag
Debbie Wall's Animal Writes -- Canadian Pawty Flag

Debbie Wall's Animal Writes: "In Defence of Canada's Dairy Cows" is a response to "In defence of Canada's dairy farmers"  - Winnipeg Free Press.

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