Manitoba Ranchers Bemoan Wolf Predation

07. Nov. 2018

In a recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press, ranchers bemoan the fact they have seen an increase in wolf predation on their cattle. By their own admission, trapping and snaring are largely ineffective yet they would like the government to provide incentives to make it a worthwhile endeavor. No mention was made of any preventative measures, so I thought I would give them a few suggestions via a letter to the editor.

Why do Manitoba ranchers continue to employ traps and snares as a means to control "problem" wolves when, by their own admission, they are ineffective? In some studies they have proven to exacerbate the issue, disrupting family units by removing members with hunting skills, thus leaving the rest of the pack less efficient and more apt to prey upon animals raised as livestock. Trapping and snaring are also horribly cruel and indiscriminate. Unintended victims include endangered species and people's pets.

Progressive ranchers use preventive measures to achieve "Predator Friendly" certification. These methods include the time-tested employment of guardian and herding dogs, improved husbandry including fencing, the increasing of a human presence on the landscape and providing shelter for vulnerable animals as well modern techniques that use sound and light as deterrents.

The unprecedented environmental degradation and species loss the planet is experiencing is due largely to animal agriculture. Those beings who have managed to survive the onslaught deserve to be here just as much as we do. We must practice compassionate conservation and learn to co-exist.


Debbie Wall lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She writes about animal writes issues. Here she stakes the claim on sensibility when Ranchers harm wolves by ignorant practices that increase cruelty and also increase the very problems they try to solve.

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