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Going For Walks and Flowers

24. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Olde Towne Flowers

I hate using I. 

I was walking yesterday in Olde Towne, Portsmouth, Virginia, US, Earth, Milky Way, Universe. It's been more than once where I found the center of the Universe was no more than a few feet away from where I was standing. In this case it was a flower. Was it a daisy? I don't know.

In some cases I want everything to be exactly right. In most cases. I try to do my part. I'm lazy. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

In my ignorance I follow an abundant routine of rote highways with the senses. This is my cattle ride. I'm herding the senses and plucking the dignity as it comes to fruit or milk or is it the port I am arriving at with my cattle simile? Ignorant and feeble is the future and to some it is today. 

Going For Walks and Flowers in Olde Towne Portsmouth - Was it a daisy?
Going For Walks and Flowers in Olde Towne Portsmouth - Was it a daisy?
The center of the Universe can be found within reach of every human being or sentient being. That is where the immediate knowledge and decisions are made for understanding. I love the word understanding. It's like Atlas holding the world. Understand though is temporary thought. It's a conclusion to one story and a gateway to another. A never ending process.

There is a large switch in the way the crowd thinks. The greater of this is the not thinking of reality. Reality is not thinking at all. Reality is codependent arising, dependant co-arising, dependant origination, dependant arising or पटिच्चसमुप्पाद paṭiccasamuppāda (Pali).  Because of this there is that. Because of that there is this. When this no longer exists that also no longer exists. When that no longer exists this will no longer exist.

To get to the center of the Universe one merely needs to travel there by imagination. Upon arriving one lets go of the idea of getting there. This flower above has a relationship with it's environment. It has managed to develop without being crushed. At some point this flower will not exist. The center is still there. The center is the heart.

So your heart was trying to kill you. Or was it you that were trying to kill your heart. It shut down. It panicked. It was still there. It still is there. This is where your brain sends all of its information. The consciousness that rides in your heart organ, it rides in your stomach, it rides in your central nervous system, it plays in the thinking organ.  It is dependent on forms, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness. It is also temporary. 

Awareness is the separation and discrimination. I am not you. I am not him or her. I am not with them. I am with them who are not those others. To understand this you can sit quietly and reach into your awareness to the point where it was  just a basic understanding of light and dark, colors, shapes, smells, tastes, temperatures. All basic stuffs are awareness. It becomes more complicated as the relationships develop. Just think, for a moment, where is your mind not able to go? It is unlimited.

The center of the Universe will not bring you happiness. Nothing will bring you happiness. As wonderful and as expansive as your mind is it will never bring you a lasting and permanent happiness because by its very nature it is looking for something else. 

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Writing by Alex Nuttall, title: Going For Walks and Flowers, Original Date: 20181224 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181224.

In an afternoon walk through Olde Towne, Portsmouth Alex Nuttall finds a flower. The flower then reminds him of the causes and effects and co-dependant origination of everything. A lofty subject for some. A game for others. The understanding, however is insightful and pushes the arahant to let go. Posted by Alexander Nuttall 24. December 2018


#Writing #NonFiction #Journal #Dhamma

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“Going For Walks and Flowers“ – 24. Dec. 2018 – Writing, Non-Fiction, Journal, Dhamma


#Writing #NonFiction #Journal #Dhamma

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Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice

13. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It is cold in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth. In the United States and many other places there is celebration and coming together. For some of us who have left the old traditions behind it becomes a dance of conformity at best or misery at worst. The layers of hypocrisy, we say, are killing us all.

Lets count the months leading to the New Year and Winter Solstice: September, October, November and December. These are 4 months or 1/3 of the year. The word September means “seventh month”. October means the “eighth month”. November means the “ninth month.” December, you guessed it, means the “tenth month.” In the very root of our everyday calendar there is false perception. We brush it aside. We drive on.

When this is brought up by the sharp minded it is dismissed. Let’s look at our days of the week. Monday is the Moon day. Tuesday is the day honoring Mars (Tiw). Wednesday is the day honoring Odin. Thursday is Thor's day. Friday is Freya’s day. Saturday is honoring Saturn. Sunday honors the Sun. Nothing pagan about that, right?

Our language is one of navigation and convenience. It is not meant to be spot on correct. If anything it is meant to be at best a language of travel. In order to get somewhere you need to be able to describe where you want to go. With the holidays the description is religion or coming together. 

If you were an angry so and so you might want to step away from the gathering and try your own self destruction, resurrection or religion. You will need some stories. You’ll need to set a date. You’ll need to cooperate in order to make it happen. You will end up recreating what it was you were hiding from. It's not necessary. 

Enjoy the Winter Solstice. Enjoy your new year. Sing some Christmas songs if you can. Learn to tell stories with the language you have. Learn to point to discovery instead of learning to point to hypocrisy. The best way to start a story is to credit the source. It doesn’t mean it is an absolute truth. Balance the stories with accurate other stories. Keep the conversation going that points the heart to joy!

The story of Hanukkah, Christmas, Zoroaster, Santa Clause, and various pagan holidays are not the only ones. These stories are not the only truths. They are, however, strong indicators and teachings in the hands of skillful story tellers. Learn as much as you can. Enjoy the holidays and pay attention to your breathing.

Lena the Christmas Cat


Writing by Alex Nuttall, title: Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice, Original Date: 20181213 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181213.

The Winter Holidays or Holy Days are here in December. It's cold in the northern hemisphere. We get together and we celebrate. We have many myths to bring us together. Ultimately its just cold and we get together to get together. 


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“Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice“ – 13. Dec. 2018 – Writing, Non-Fiction, Holidays, Journal, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah


#Writing #Nonfiction #Holidays #Journal #WinterSolstice #Christmas #Hanukkah

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When It Comes Down To It

12. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It Comes Down To It.

The Situation

Here we are. Me and you. Side by side. Eye to eye.

Sort of, it is sort of this way.

There has been a lot of stress with regards to the message OgFOMK ArTS is putting out. It’s been stressful to this writer mostly. Ownership of a broken vessel is not a proud thing but it’s only broken for a short time. The captain elects who he will take along on the journey.

Captain Alexander at the helm. Glad to meet you.  The Planet Earth vessel OgFOMK ArTS is set to sail with only her original cargo. All passengers have been thrown overboard along with their works. So be it.

It was a tough journey. Begging all the time. “Please come out with me.” The old Captain would beg. Like a man with a fine fishing boat who bought the gas, beer, ice, sandwiches, canned goods and such; only to be begging on the phone to his compatriots for some company. Instead of a captain he is a dung beetle. Alas his ball of poo is grand!

The Action

OgFOMK ArTS will no longer take submissions from outside parties. Only the glorious work of Alexander Nuttall will be featured. OgFOMK ArTS had some great contributions and some otherwise. The key of course was the action involved in making it come together. 

It’s no fun to promote everyone on social media and have no one promote your work. It’s no fun. This is why companies advertise. This is why they pay to get the name out. If you have a product that you are selling this makes sense. If your product is your voice then it’s just egotistic drivel.

Or is it.

It does not matter but whatever is promoted has to be something that can be verified and accepted by the committee of one. OgFOMK ArTS has to reevaluate everything and come to the very base.


Since 1987 Alexander Nuttall has worked to half-ass this project. It’s been a journey through depression, conflict, success and failure. OgFOMK, however is a process of codependent arising. It is a portfolio, a journal, a gallery and a resume. Instead of pretending that it is something else or other than that. It is the work of Alexander Blair Nuttall and he owns the rights to the material good and bad. So be it.

Alex Nuttall - MNF Boat

Writing by Alexander Nuttall, title: When It Comes Down To It, Original Date: 20181212 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181212.

"When It Comes Down To It."  Alex Nuttall has decided to shove off from the yoke of cooperation and go at it alone. OgFOMK has been a collaborative effort but at best it has been a lonely journey. So from this point on Alex has scuttled the works of others in the project and will focus on producing his own works.


#Writing #NonFiction #CompanyDevelopment #Journal

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“When It Comes Down To It“ – 12. Dec. 2018  – Writing, Non-Fiction, Company Development, Journal


#Writing #NonFiction #CompanyDevelopment #Journal

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