Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice

13. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It is cold in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth. In the United States and many other places there is celebration and coming together. For some of us who have left the old traditions behind it becomes a dance of conformity at best or misery at worst. The layers of hypocrisy, we say, are killing us all.

Lets count the months leading to the New Year and Winter Solstice: September, October, November and December. These are 4 months or 1/3 of the year. The word September means “seventh month”. October means the “eighth month”. November means the “ninth month.” December, you guessed it, means the “tenth month.” In the very root of our everyday calendar there is false perception. We brush it aside. We drive on.

When this is brought up by the sharp minded it is dismissed. Let’s look at our days of the week. Monday is the Moon day. Tuesday is the day honoring Mars (Tiw). Wednesday is the day honoring Odin. Thursday is Thor's day. Friday is Freya’s day. Saturday is honoring Saturn. Sunday honors the Sun. Nothing pagan about that, right?

Our language is one of navigation and convenience. It is not meant to be spot on correct. If anything it is meant to be at best a language of travel. In order to get somewhere you need to be able to describe where you want to go. With the holidays the description is religion or coming together. 

If you were an angry so and so you might want to step away from the gathering and try your own self destruction, resurrection or religion. You will need some stories. You’ll need to set a date. You’ll need to cooperate in order to make it happen. You will end up recreating what it was you were hiding from. It's not necessary. 

Enjoy the Winter Solstice. Enjoy your new year. Sing some Christmas songs if you can. Learn to tell stories with the language you have. Learn to point to discovery instead of learning to point to hypocrisy. The best way to start a story is to credit the source. It doesn’t mean it is an absolute truth. Balance the stories with accurate other stories. Keep the conversation going that points the heart to joy!

The story of Hanukkah, Christmas, Zoroaster, Santa Clause, and various pagan holidays are not the only ones. These stories are not the only truths. They are, however, strong indicators and teachings in the hands of skillful story tellers. Learn as much as you can. Enjoy the holidays and pay attention to your breathing.

Lena the Christmas Cat


Writing by Alex Nuttall, title: Christmas, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice, Original Date: 20181213 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181213.

The Winter Holidays or Holy Days are here in December. It's cold in the northern hemisphere. We get together and we celebrate. We have many myths to bring us together. Ultimately its just cold and we get together to get together. 


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#Writing #Nonfiction #Holidays #Journal #WinterSolstice #Christmas #Hanukkah

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