Going For Walks and Flowers

24. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Olde Towne Flowers

I hate using I. 

I was walking yesterday in Olde Towne, Portsmouth, Virginia, US, Earth, Milky Way, Universe. It's been more than once where I found the center of the Universe was no more than a few feet away from where I was standing. In this case it was a flower. Was it a daisy? I don't know.

In some cases I want everything to be exactly right. In most cases. I try to do my part. I'm lazy. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

In my ignorance I follow an abundant routine of rote highways with the senses. This is my cattle ride. I'm herding the senses and plucking the dignity as it comes to fruit or milk or is it the port I am arriving at with my cattle simile? Ignorant and feeble is the future and to some it is today. 

Going For Walks and Flowers in Olde Towne Portsmouth - Was it a daisy?
Going For Walks and Flowers in Olde Towne Portsmouth - Was it a daisy?
The center of the Universe can be found within reach of every human being or sentient being. That is where the immediate knowledge and decisions are made for understanding. I love the word understanding. It's like Atlas holding the world. Understand though is temporary thought. It's a conclusion to one story and a gateway to another. A never ending process.

There is a large switch in the way the crowd thinks. The greater of this is the not thinking of reality. Reality is not thinking at all. Reality is codependent arising, dependant co-arising, dependant origination, dependant arising or पटिच्चसमुप्पाद paṭiccasamuppāda (Pali).  Because of this there is that. Because of that there is this. When this no longer exists that also no longer exists. When that no longer exists this will no longer exist.

To get to the center of the Universe one merely needs to travel there by imagination. Upon arriving one lets go of the idea of getting there. This flower above has a relationship with it's environment. It has managed to develop without being crushed. At some point this flower will not exist. The center is still there. The center is the heart.

So your heart was trying to kill you. Or was it you that were trying to kill your heart. It shut down. It panicked. It was still there. It still is there. This is where your brain sends all of its information. The consciousness that rides in your heart organ, it rides in your stomach, it rides in your central nervous system, it plays in the thinking organ.  It is dependent on forms, feelings, perceptions, mental formations and consciousness. It is also temporary. 

Awareness is the separation and discrimination. I am not you. I am not him or her. I am not with them. I am with them who are not those others. To understand this you can sit quietly and reach into your awareness to the point where it was  just a basic understanding of light and dark, colors, shapes, smells, tastes, temperatures. All basic stuffs are awareness. It becomes more complicated as the relationships develop. Just think, for a moment, where is your mind not able to go? It is unlimited.

The center of the Universe will not bring you happiness. Nothing will bring you happiness. As wonderful and as expansive as your mind is it will never bring you a lasting and permanent happiness because by its very nature it is looking for something else. 

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In an afternoon walk through Olde Towne, Portsmouth Alex Nuttall finds a flower. The flower then reminds him of the causes and effects and co-dependant origination of everything. A lofty subject for some. A game for others. The understanding, however is insightful and pushes the arahant to let go. Posted by Alexander Nuttall 24. December 2018

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“Going For Walks and Flowers“ – 24. Dec. 2018 – Writing, Non-Fiction, Journal, Dhamma

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#Writing #NonFiction #Journal #Dhamma

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