When It Comes Down To It

12. Dec. 2018
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It Comes Down To It.

The Situation

Here we are. Me and you. Side by side. Eye to eye.

Sort of, it is sort of this way.

There has been a lot of stress with regards to the message OgFOMK ArTS is putting out. It’s been stressful to this writer mostly. Ownership of a broken vessel is not a proud thing but it’s only broken for a short time. The captain elects who he will take along on the journey.

Captain Alexander at the helm. Glad to meet you.  The Planet Earth vessel OgFOMK ArTS is set to sail with only her original cargo. All passengers have been thrown overboard along with their works. So be it.

It was a tough journey. Begging all the time. “Please come out with me.” The old Captain would beg. Like a man with a fine fishing boat who bought the gas, beer, ice, sandwiches, canned goods and such; only to be begging on the phone to his compatriots for some company. Instead of a captain he is a dung beetle. Alas his ball of poo is grand!

The Action

OgFOMK ArTS will no longer take submissions from outside parties. Only the glorious work of Alexander Nuttall will be featured. OgFOMK ArTS had some great contributions and some otherwise. The key of course was the action involved in making it come together. 

It’s no fun to promote everyone on social media and have no one promote your work. It’s no fun. This is why companies advertise. This is why they pay to get the name out. If you have a product that you are selling this makes sense. If your product is your voice then it’s just egotistic drivel.

Or is it.

It does not matter but whatever is promoted has to be something that can be verified and accepted by the committee of one. OgFOMK ArTS has to reevaluate everything and come to the very base.


Since 1987 Alexander Nuttall has worked to half-ass this project. It’s been a journey through depression, conflict, success and failure. OgFOMK, however is a process of codependent arising. It is a portfolio, a journal, a gallery and a resume. Instead of pretending that it is something else or other than that. It is the work of Alexander Blair Nuttall and he owns the rights to the material good and bad. So be it.

Alex Nuttall - MNF Boat

Writing by Alexander Nuttall, title: When It Comes Down To It, Original Date: 20181212 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2018 – 2018 – Retro-published 20181212.

"When It Comes Down To It."  Alex Nuttall has decided to shove off from the yoke of cooperation and go at it alone. OgFOMK has been a collaborative effort but at best it has been a lonely journey. So from this point on Alex has scuttled the works of others in the project and will focus on producing his own works.

URL: https://www.ogfomk.com/2018/12/when-it-comes-down-to-it.html

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“When It Comes Down To It“ – 12. Dec. 2018  – Writing, Non-Fiction, Company Development, Journal

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#Writing #NonFiction #CompanyDevelopment #Journal

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