How to Beat Everyone!

31. Jan 2019

By Alex Nuttall - Bio

To Happiness We Go!

You want to win because that's the kind of crap you're fed daily. You eat it up. Yum. But don't be alarmed because you have to eat anyway. Be selective.

How to Beat Everyone! -- Body Builder -- Portsmouth VA
How to Beat Everyone! -- Body Builder -- Portsmouth VA

We not only have to eat but we are constantly eating for every breath we take. We eat for every sound we hear. We eat for every sensation we feel. We eat every smell. We eat every thought we have. We eat all perceptions. Constantly, we are eating.

So to beat the rest in the fete of fecund fun we must select what it is that we are eating. We select all the actions we take so that we feed on the items that are healthy, skillful and positive to our well being. This craving and eating includes our on-purpose actions (volitions). These are the actions that we skillfully hone in order to find... Oh, what are we trying to do?

Happiness is the goal. Eating never solves this. It can distract, overcome temporarily or just fulfil the obligation of living in this physical word. So to be happy you need to beat everyone, someone or just those people you hate, right! 

Not really. That craving is wanting to eat too. So to beat everyone you need to train yourself for what it is that you think makes you skillful. This is good. The second level of this training is training your mind to be the skilful trainer. This is where you realize that you will die, get sick, grow old and you will not have the same body that you have now. The mind, however is there and it can be trained at any time.

In fact you are training the mind as you read this. You are observing eating, feeling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, forms, feelings, perceptions, mind formations and consciousness itself. All of this is eating or shall we say digesting. You are now observing the breathing that you are doing all the time. This is how you become a champion.

The person who ultimately in your life who will benefit from winning will be you. It does not matter how many others recognize your achievements or greatness, if you don't believe it then it isn't true. This is different from the belief that the earth is round or flat or any sophisticated buggery. 

When it comes to who you are you are the final judge. Not your parents, spouse, children, piers, boss, coworkers, God, Devil or any entity outside of you. You are the final judge of you. The laws of nature are not judges. These laws are just the realm that you live in.

So how you beat everyone matters on practicing getting to know your heartbeat. Get to know your mind. Look at your feelings. Look at the itches you have. Feel the movement of your breath. Observe the thoughts that you have. All these are temporary. The heap that is your body is temporary too! So is the heap everyone else is carrying. So is the Planet we live on. It's all temporary.

This mind that you have is exactly what you control. This is your domain. This mind is your kingdom. When you die and go to Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, Paradise or that great coffin you will first have to let go of your body. If you get a haircut you have to let go of that hair too. It's not you. Your mind will let go of the dead stuff and look for something else to eat. That's how life works.

There are plenty of distractions. Plenty of things to get mad about will find you. Plenty of things to distract you from the inevitable road your life is on. This mind is what sifts through and chooses the trail. It does good things and bad things and ultimately it does things with other things that cause more things. The good and bad is relative to the winner and loser. 

"I was abused so I lost." 

"I was able to kill my abuser so I win."

 "My abuser did this to me because of unskilful action."

An endless cycle. Just as endless as the drive to find higher tastes and joys in life. Over and over again.

The place at the end of the journey is the finish line. Done. That is the place we all are heading in these bodies. What we do to facilitate that journey wholey affects the outcome for those next in line. Just as what has happened in the past has affected our lives. You can be a loser, a victim or the impression of a "winner" over others which is a total neurotic illusion. All of these postulates will lead to unskilful and difficult lives because your mind is constantly feeding on fear, greed, anger and sloth. It's no way to finish a winner.

You can beat anyone by being helpful. You can do this only when you are capable of feeding on goodwill and kindness. It's not the act of petting poisonous snakes but it can be the act of giving space to all beings and allowing them to manage as best as they can. If you can heal then do so without doing harm. 

Think of everyone as having a self like you. Think of every life having a self like you. Some can harm you and some can help you. You can skilfully maneuver as long as you train your mind. Do this now while you're able to digest this.

Slipping in a bit of skilful practice before death is how you can be a winner and beat everyone to happiness.

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