I'm Such A Snob and I Know It

I'm Such a Snob and I Know It

I know I'm a snob. It's part of my makeup. It's many years of conditioning. I know the truth of my snobbery. I don't like half-assed efforts and I am wont to loath pretension.

Take this watermelon. I love watermelon. My wife loves watermelon. We love watermelon. It's an outstanding and nutritious food. Unfortunately some people fear this because it's associated with race. They fear progress, nutrition, health, compassion and the power within because they would rather be mindless victimised dolts. 

I don't care about perception of the loud few because I care about the Universal truth of the many. It's a lot of paradox but let's deploy anyway.

I like meeting intelligent and happy people. I'm not interested in any qualities beyond that. You might be symmetrical, attractive, rich, healthy and all of that in cleverness but if you aren't happy you are not intelligent.


There is an emotional intelligence. This involves manners, listening, eye contact, hand shakes, cleanliness and many of the very techniques that are distinguished in noble behavior. Noble behavior is the supreme power. This power is beyond all others in that it's a cultivated power. This cultivated power allows for the maximum navigation through humanity. 

As a snob I hold myself in high regard. I, as a snob, hold that I must behave in the greatest skillful way as is humanly possible. That means that I must strive to better my work, speech, interaction and relationships with others. I also have a gut feeling that keeps me in check. I know that when no one is around I still have to be the best person I can be possible.

I fail miserably sometimes. Sometimes I am careless, angry, vulgar, crude and ugly. Those are the times I'm an absolute mindless animal. As soon as I realize this I change. I go back to the center of happiness and intelligence. My snob takes over. I'm free.

Freedom is choice. Not all choice is freedom. Freedom is also in not choosing the endless flow of mud. The muddy waters are the turbulent realm of craving junk. Mindless junk hunting. During this realization it's important to be a snob. Start being a scientist. Be a scientific snob. 

The place where this pays off is in your mind. Eventually you get to this place where all ideas are either rejected or embraced as they are deemed skillful in happiness. Why give up your power to discriminate for yourself. If you want watermelon then eat it! If there is a weighted, tangible and positive reason behind this craving then by all means enjoy it!

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