The Difference Between Good Employees and Bad Ones

The Difference Between Good Employees and Bad Ones
It might be obvious but it's not. You will spend a lot of money on bad employees. You'll spend a whole lot. I dare say you will spend triple on them what you do on your good employees.

When I bring this up the response is usually, "We get rid of them." But the truth is that you don't get rid of them that's why they are still employees. 

As an employer you look at them as numbers and meat and they look at you as fodder and milk.

The difference between a bad employee and a good one is that both employees get paid the same paycheck with the exception that the bad employee enjoys the privilege of doing what he or she wants and the bare minimum of what you need to keep the business going. 

Again we are not talking about the person you fired. 

We're talking about the person who you pay to do a job that you can't do and you hate and you wish didn't have to be done and you just place a body to do.  You have good employees who do this and you just expect them to do what you pay them. No coaching. No thank you. "Just do your job."

How did this happen? Greed and laziness on your part. 

So take action to make this go away... First of all you increase the wages of all of your employees. This covers the greed. Next you get involved with coaching and improving. This covers your very own laziness. 

It's your business and you can do what you want. This is not a scolding from someone who doesn't understand your own personal years of hard work and your goals to be the best. No this is a coaching from someone who wants you to move to the next level and achieve greatness.

So your laziness is the desire you have to consume. You don't want to give. You don't want to have anyone short cut your success. You are a fool. 

Give! Give now. Give everything you have and you will bring your employees into a realm of respect. Push your people. Assign them tasks. Give them ownership and your employees will make you wealthy and successful. Your business will be theirs. 

Or just throw money away at the bad employees who adopt the status quo and enjoy The fruits or your marginal, "where I got us now."

Alexander Nuttall

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