Mastodon OgFOMK ArTS: I love Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virgina

I love Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virgina

Downtown Norfolk's Harbor Park

We are pretty fortunate here. The Elizabeth River divides the land but the ferry, the tunnels and bridges keep us together. I have to be near the water. It's what drives me.

Downtown Norfolk and Portsmouth's downtown are easily accessible from each other. Hotels line the waterfronts and you literally have access to nearly a thousand restaurants. You have a mall, movie theaters, condominiums, apartments and houses. 

Norfolk and Portsmouth are living cities. Some downtown's are ghost towns on the weekend. Atlanta and Richmond are examples of this. 
I've had an apartment in Downtown Norfolk and I currently have a house in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth has its ups and downs but I enjoy the waterfront, the festivals, the Farmers' Market and the museums. 

I marvel at what holds it all together. Sometimes I think that our local government is smoking crack. Other times I think they really care. That's life. 

There's plenty of bad news to absorb. Instead I try to put energy into what it is that I like. Bad or good attention still gives energy to the subject. I'd prefer to shine the light on the good things. 


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