A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity

The Times They Are a Toughing

It has always been tough here on earth. Make no mistake about that. From historical accounts to the sculpted busts of our gods and heroes. It's all been tough and we humans drug up the toughness to the point of reflection in this toughness.

In the United States we are so full of vanity, dissolution and delusion. We are not too far from the rest of the planet in this, but we have a special twist. We believe that, yes, everyone suffers but we can fix it. Just give us some time.

On the other hand we have people suffering here in our own country because we have been sold an idea that we can achieve anything if we work hard, follow the rules, lie, cheat, make friends, lose friends, go to church or temple or prayer house or the movies and buy all kinds of crap that we do not need.

It has always been and always will be a tough existence. Our existence is a kinder and gentler strike against humanity. Our days are numbered. For some of us the days are numbered until Christ comes. For some others the days are numbered until the Messiah comes. For another handful billion it is anticipation for reckoning end days. A recipe for disaster and an absolution for responsibility.

The Sky people and the hedonists are in the same boat. One huge volcano or asteroid and it will all be over. The end days are coming.

No Matter Where You Go You are There

Yep, it is not anyone's responsibility except your responsibility. You, gentle reader, are responsible for everything! You are responsible for every action that you take. 

You are responsible for every life you take. You are responsible for every piece of trash and pollution that you generate. You are responsible for every piece of land that you exist upon and for every bit of water that touches your lips, quenches your thirst or washes your feet.

Just image that you have gone on to the heavenly realm. Your mind will still be there. No magic will change that. All of your thoughts and activities are still yours. All of the joys, not joys nor sorrows, and sorrows are still yours. So if you are responsible for all of what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell or think then how can you escape that?

You can not escape but you can train your mind to see that all things are impermanent. There lies your responsibility and power. All things are impermanent and this includes all things that you have decided are yours or are you. Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, muscles and bones are temporary. Your house, land, road, path, state, country, continent, ocean, planet, sun, solar system, galaxy and universe are temporary. 

So the only thing you can do is take responsibility for this observation and train your mind to understand that it, All Of This, is temporary. 


Perhaps you are feeling a little trapped. Your relationship, economic standing, depression or incarceration is preventing you from being free. It certainly is. So is the conditioning that you have.  So are the thoughts and beliefs that you have. So is the family structure. So is your nationalism. So is your humanity. So is your racism. All of this is incarceration. You are born into this.

So, please, don't kill yourself! Your life force will only take up a new prison. All of the things that make this life hard will not go away. Your body is made up of food. You are food. It does not matter what you call it. You can cremate or embalm or wrap in fancy cloth but your body is food and made up of food. Killing yourself will only throw away the highly developed bit of accumulated food that your mind has put together. 

Take care of yourself! Since you are in prison, jail or just a tough situation you can begin your training immediately. Upon investigating and concluding that training is to be undertaken you will begin to transform the mind and thus....

Get Out of Jail Free Card

If you are reading this, then here is your get out of jail free card. If you are listening to this then here is your get out of jail free card. Listen. Read. Understand.

Push your breath out. Keep pushing it. Push. Give it away. Push until your lungs can do this no more. You may cough. Your body will suck in the breath. Push your breath out again. Push it hard. Relax.

Your body is following some rules. Out breath leads to in breath.  This natural condition is the get out of jail free card. Now you are meditating. Your mind has begin to see freedom of understanding that the breath is impermanent too! The driving vital force that is you is a rhythmic breath.

If you can, shut your mouth and practice breathing through your nose. The nose is a filter. The nose is a natural gate. If you can not do this then just breath. 

No matter what else is going on focus on your training breath. This will cure and free you. All thoughts are empty so pay them no mind. When you get to a point where the exercise is exhausting then let go of the forced breathing and pay attention to the gentle breathing. Your mind will become sharp, clear and calm.

Free At Last

The powerful strike against humanity has already happened. The kinder and gentler strike that you have now launched has begun. You will soon realize that it began a very long time ago. Billions of years ago you began this journey. In fact, there is no point that you did not exist. 

You are not your eyes. There are people who have lost sight and they still are themselves. You are not your legs or arms. There are people who have lost these items as well yet they are still people. There is a certain point that your body will disintegrate. That's just the out breath. The in breath was your birth. 

A Kinder, Gentler Strike Against Humanity is about learning to practice breath exercise and gaining freedom that is unshakable.

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