Dear Humanity or 4th of July Muse

Dear Humanity;

We are absolutely ready to move on and build spaceports, rocket ships and mine the solar system for valuables. In the meantime why not take care of the labor force here on Earth.  It's July 4th and we thought we would send you our patriotic message.

We hear the music, fireworks and gunshots. You don't think that we hear the fear too! We sure do. It's also a rhythmic ripple on the water of life. We've lived long enough not to be afraid of it all. So you shall reap that fearlessness too!


Isn't it amazing what we bring to the table. Our raw abilities and the skills we have acquired are amazing. We don't need a great leader for this we need a great nation of leaders to step up and step out of the greedy box. You think that your place in this universe is fixed? Think again.

This fragile planet is not going to sustain us for too long. She is the egg. We want to make sure that this mother and her kind babies of life are not aborted by carelessness. It's time to build those ships for the future.


A Noah's ark story is upon us. Some of you may think that it will fix itself but you ignore your own actions in the stream. We are all responsible for the today and tomorrow. Yesterday is the chalk board and we can read what we wrote but it is up to us to bring forth the solutions to the equations.

Diversity is the key to our survival. Time to embrace all of this. It is all ours. We did not invent suicide, homicide, genocide or herbicide. We all participated until we realized we did not need to. Let's move on and get to the stars. Our mother Earth is to be respected while a plan of escape is to be devised. Some of us need to leave. 


Patriotism is a limited ego trip. It is not the future. It is the dream of yesterdays future. We can only honor the fight if we take what we have gained and build a foundation to the future. All of our brothers and sisters and animals and plants and insects and life are screaming toward a future.

So we are moving on. The mother ship is approaching in our hearts and minds. The rockets red glare is the afterburn. Let's work toward a few billion years more!

Alexander Nuttall
OgFOMK ArTS | twitter: @ogfomk | Keybase: ogfomk | LinkedIn: ogfomk | Facebook: OgFOMKzine

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