Not Darkness and Not Light

Holding your hand
You are shaking and I am afraid
That this will be your last day
As I know you

Your tombstone, I threaten,
Will read, not "Done,"
But it will read, "I'll be back."

I've always known that death would come to me
And I was lonely in this understanding
But you let me understand that 
I had a friend, a love, a cosmic companion,

Yet here you are 
Eyes blank
Skin cold
Breath amiss and leaving
Shutting down

All of my power to hold and grasp and keep you
Is futile
You are slowly dying and I miss you
Even before you pass,


You've returned
And you are as opinionated as ever,
My cosmic companion has returned,
Not interested in another body 
You push this one along a little longer,

It's not darkness, nor is it light,
It's the wool over my eyes
And I like it
That I am able to spend one more day, hour, minute and second
With you,

I know I will die too
And I used to hope that I went before you
Or that we went at the same time --
Someone else's mess to clean up
But know now that I want to be there
To cuddle you and help send you
Away with peace
When your time comes,

I will watch you and my heart will
Beat anticipating you
Leaving this world
And how much you have shared with me,

This allows us to live!

You are alive right now in the next room
I will kiss you once more before 
I go to work.

Not Darkness and Not Light

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