Mastodon OgFOMK ArTS: September 2019

Behold Buddha Buds Being

Interesting at first when seeing
Behold Buddha Buds being,
Knock all miracle stories away
All savour thoughts are hearsay;

Witness instead the Dhamma
Upholds an even hammer,
Wise and foolish succumb
Even fields in consortium;

But it's not just condition arise
Nor is it a view to compromise,
A practice not in defeat
But returning to the calm seat;

Birth, aging, sickness and death
The bodies inhabitants bereft,
Soul or not has no worries
We're left here sharing stories;

There it is, a bud, 
Of human power could,
Beyond the traps of advert
Encourage practice, reduce hurt;

Now they do like mocking buds
Branches civilized shrouded shoulds,
Still there flowing and directing
Wise approaching or avoiding;

But this is a practice inside
Not one that is outside,
Nothing to show anyone else
The proof is an internal bell;

Ring it rings or vision
Another proof with indecision,
Letting go to even part
Oxen man leaves his cart.

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