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If You Really Want to Follow the Money

I was inspired by an  article  my cousin posted on Facebook regarding tax cheats. I'm re-posting my response.  Sunflower follows the sunshine, you follow the money If you really want to follow the money, read this by  Robert Breedlove  (Below).  Taxes are just 1 side of the coin. The other is the money itself.    #USD The US Dollar is the unit we have to pay our taxes in.  USD is the reserve currency of all other world currencies so you need it to purchase most goods but especially Oil, food, water, raw materials and labor.  USD is manufactured (issued #Fiat ) by the Federal Reserve who are NOT a government branch.  They are a private organization of banks who create unlimited USD which is given to large failing corporations and governments as loans and bailouts that are NEVER paid back.  Inflation is created when a limited supply of USD is increased.  When the FED issued 2 trillion extra dollars this year it devalued the USD everyone who worked for it head.  This is an invisible

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi [feat...

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi  [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]

The Super Privi

The Super Privi -- Outer Banks, NC Smiley Many around me have been tired of me talking about a failing financial system. It doesn't mean just dollars or the Federal reserve. Oil just dropped below zero yesterday. I really started to learn about this in December 2019.  I was already disappointed by our financial system but I just assumed that it was rigged or maybe I didn't know how yet to leverage it. The current system is going to run itself dry.  The good news is that we have many great tools available to us. These tools have been selflessly built and are into action now.  This epidemic was inevitable. Because poor, uneducated, discarded human beings have been left out of the elite financial system the activities of those people are touching everyone.  I'm still hearing from privileged "whites" how if people learned how to save money they works not be in this mess. It's wage slavery. I still hear from privileged &qu

Publishing from 1987 to Present

Lon, Alex and Eric 1987 OgFOMK ArTS Issue 1, 1988 Pre Publishing 1987 The photo above was taken by Cheryl. In the photo is from the left: Lon, Alex and Eric. It was 1987. Maximum Rock-N-Roll was the most influential publication to me. I, Alex, had a dream of being an influential punk writer, musician and artist. Oddly enough, fame was not what I wanted. I was merely a participant in a counter revolutionary uniform. I wanted to publish. I wanted to do it myself. DIY "Do It Yourself" was our mantra. We were bombarded with products, commercials and trends. It was the same for the children of the 1920s to the end of the Twentieth Century. After a Civil War, Two World Wars, a Korean War, Vietnam, an Iran hostage fiasco, The Cold War and One Space shuttle with a civilian going kaput we knew the commercials were lies. The news was bad. The sponsors were offering relief and solace with tobacco, beer, trendy clothes, and video games. Fantastic rock music and rap presen