Hyperbole and Reason

It's always good to go to the source of things.

Nebraska Huskers t-shirts featuring new cartoon mascot Herbie Husker, left, and old cartoon mascot, right, are displayed at the Husker Hounds store in Omaha, Neb., Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has made a change to its cartoon mascot Herbie Husker to eliminate confusion about the meaning of a hand gesture he makes that some people connect with White supremacy. (AP Photo/Eric Olson)
Here is a news article about Nebraska changing it's Mascot due to a perceived misunderstanding of a hand gesture. Again, PERCEIVED.

The article by Fox gives a little insight as to the why and uses the ADL 
(Anti-defamation League) as a source.

So I thought, "How bent is the ADL on hyperbole?"

This is a direct quote from the ADL on the "Okay " hand gesture:

"The overwhelming usage of the 'okay' hand gesture today is still its traditional purpose as a gesture signifying assent or approval. As a result, someone who uses the symbol cannot be assumed to be using the symbol in either a trolling or, especially, white supremacist context unless other contextual evidence exists to support the contention. Since 2017, many people have been falsely accused of being racist or white supremacist for using the 'okay' gesture in its traditional and innocuous sense." -- ADL 

ADL: Okay Hand Gesture

This is obvious proof that the College administration is not motivated by reason or eduction but by hyperbole and perception. I wonder what else they are glazing over?

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