Cisgender Sloppy Slavery

Corporations are asking if you are Cisgender on applications. 

Transgender Flag: Wikipedia Transgender


They want to know this not to discriminate against you but to control and corral you as a human. Your pay is decreasing by inflation and your mind is a playground for the slave masters.

If they identify you as a "feeler" you will eventually work for free. 

The question to ask is: "Why are they supposed to supply me with tools, clothes, insurance and equity?" 

Answer: Because they want to control the fruit of your labor. 

If you get a chance to see a Soviet Union passport. You'll see that they identify your ethnic group for you. The more you have to document your identify the more that the bean-counters need to insure equity. The more that equity must be insured the more that unimaginative bean-counters must be hired. They more that central authorities must gain in your labor and earnings.

It's communism. The illusion that there is a group that will spiritually feed you as an individual is false. Groups based on this idea are all about the group, the leaders and the feeders. Corporations are just communist manifestos in action. They are about destroying the capitol and erecting a new one in place of the old one to support a TREND.

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