Buddha and Bitcoin

1/ Buddha and #Bitcoin
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The job of a Buddha who is capable of teaching is to help humans develop an awakened mind.

He is not to be worshipped and would never want that.

He only needs to be fed, have shelter and sometimes care because he is a human. 

2/ Bodhisattva

The job of a Bodhisattva is to become a Buddha.

A Bodhisattva vows also to help all others do the same.

A powerful vow. 

3/ Arahant

An Arahants is a Buddha who has awakened with the help of another Buddha's instruction.

An Arahant if he can teach is to instruct as a Buddha. 

4/ Dhamma

The Dhamma is the law, the truth and the pathway. Some call the Dhamma many things because the truth is knowable but indescribable.

Things that work obey the Dhamma.

When people pray sincerely they are addressing the Dhamma. The math of Proof of Work is the Dhamma. 

5/ Mara

Mara is death. He is the deceiver. He uses the truth to create the false. Mara is known as the Shaiton or Satan.

Mara is the great liar. Mara is Fiat currency. Fiat currency is controlled by liars.

Mara's job is to put your mind into distress. Mara leads men to Hell. 

6/ Protugena

A human can be a Protugena or an Arahant.

A Protugena believes lies and can lose his humanity. His job should be to remove the lies and see what is the truth. But often he is absorbed with static ideas that are not the truth.

He's on the fence of humanity. 

7/ Human

A human is good from birth. To be human means that goodness has accumulated from all available energy and life, i.e. food.

A mother and father are sacred beings.

A Buddha, Arahant or Bodhisattva can only come from being a human.

Human's suffer to be free! 

8/ Babies

Babies are all sacred as they can become Buddhas. Killing any human will remove your humanity and lead you to becoming food.

All humans have earned the greatest birth but they must work to keep it's grace.

Help babies to become Buddhas. 

9/ Karma

Karma is work. Karma is what is done by choice.

Your karma is to obtain skillful means to become a Buddha or an Arahant.

Karma can elevate a human to an Arahant or Buddha.

Mindful karma is skillful karma. Happiness is Proof of Work

#Bitcoin is Buddha money! 

10/ #Bitcoin

An Arahant would never handle money but he does have to work. He can control the keys and he can send and receive only the fruits of his labor.

Bitcoin is Orange as is the robe of a member of the Sangha.

All humans who seek truth are part of the Sangha. 

11/ Sangha

The Sangha are the communities of humans who are Arahants.

Satoshi Nakamoto is an Arahant. The pseudonym means Sat (Truth in Pali/Skt) human of the Book ( Dhamma / Bible)

Sangha members can only use a ledger that is Proof Of Work to track how they earn a living. 

12/ Deception

You can not see who is a Buddha, Arahant, Bodhisattva or good human (pleb).

All images are lies.

Only by Proof of Work can one determine the value of a good teacher. A teacher will never handle money but he has the ability to send you wealth. 

This needs some work. But thank you for your courage.

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