Cry for Help from Ukraine

Our family friend sent this. I do not believe that Russia, Ukraine, NATO, Europe or the United States need to be in a war. It's so stupid. We have so many friends and family who are getting hurt. 

Our friend was just in the Ukraine and she only went there for her Grandmother's funeral. She barely made it out of there back to the US. She's an awesome young lady. Who has very high integrity and she's not one for hyperbole. 

Friends and family in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other Eastern Asian and European places are being attacked by Global Elites who have already been destroying the planet now since December of 2019 when they released a biological plandemic. 

This is all part of Build Back Better or the GREAT RESET. This includes the devaluing of all Fiat Currencies and exponential money printing. 

Here is our friend's note. She was boots on the ground there last month.

Please share this and hopefully the people who have the power to stop this can do so.


This is a cry for help. The situation in the Lughansk region is even worse than the media is portraying. 

I was born and raised in Rubezhnoye, my favorite city in the whole world. Rubezhnoye, as well as Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, and Kremennaya (all in the Lughansk region) have been under heavy shelling for several days. I beg everyone who cares about Ukraine, who cares about Ukrainians, who cares about me, to spread this information. My friends, family members, and neighbors have not had electricity, water, heat, phone service, or Internet for days. They are freezing and starving. Many people have lost their homes. There is no food, no medical care. The fighting is constant; stores are closed and aid cannot reach my people. They are cut off from the world, with their friends and relatives unable to confirm whether or not they are still alive. The scariest part is that the MEDIA IS SILENT about how bad it is there right now. I beg, I demand help for these cities! They need humanitarian aid and green corridors. People there do not have cell phone service or Internet and cannot ask for help! Rubezhnoye, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, and Kremennaya are part of Ukraine. We want to be Ukraine. UKRAINE, please help us! 

We need to be noticed. !!! PLEASE share this information and tag everyone who you think can help !!! Please help us.



I am not advocating from the armchair any type of military action or blame. I want instead to have all military operations stopped and to allow those who wish from peace to live peacefully. 

The money printers are those who fund these operations. Men otherwise have better things to do. Unfortunately whole economies have been shut down and now men are left with barbarian desires. This is exactly what the global elites want. 

Please question all media. Please question those who have already lied to you about your money, health and rights! Do your own research. Add if you have the power to stop this evil. Please do it. 

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