Attention is the currency and your entertainment is harvesting you.

The all seeing eye on the dollar bill is the real currency the Universe operates on. This is your attention. This is your focus. This is the conduit with which your life force operates and it is harvested via entertainment.

You waste thousands of hours of your life doing two things. The first thing is working for Fiat currency. The second thing is selling your Fiat currency for entertainment. 

The entertainment industry fully understands this. They harvest your labor and in return they program you to increase your time preference so that you will work harder for immediate gratification. 

The solution to this trap and slave entropy is the pursuit of skillful action. This is the action that lowers your time preference and increases your ability to work for yourself and others in meaningful ways that being joy, well being and harmony to your life. 

As you increase your skill your awareness increases and your start to see the trappings of entertainment. These trappings include- mind altering drugs, food that is attractive only by distraction, shallow relationships, and pain management of emotions and the physical body. Another trap exposed is debt and Fiat currency which is usury. 

Usury is compounded debt and this is the cause of all slavery which entertainment opens the door to and allows your life force to be captured by others who enjoy amoral plays while you are trained to become a better slave. 

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