A Bitcoin Tribe

As the tribe moved from one place to another the central planners tried counting their human resources. The tribe agreed to needing a center but they wanted one where natural law was the king. Ordinary disputes were worked out in the free market. So far the tribe had existed for 300,000 years and would continue to do so in the future. The tribe was energy and life itself based on 5 aggregates:

1. Form
2. Feeling
3. Perception
4. Mental Formations
5. Consciousness

Recently the tribe innovated an exchange system with their computer toys. It was #Bitcoin. The tribe realized that counting beans with computers worked and so they developed a 2.1 Quadrillion bean system to bring the tally-stick to the future. Then the tribe began building in this bean counting system with the Vajra-yana ( lightning vehicle) and the tribe opened market channels where there were 2,100 quadrillion / 2.1 quintillion beans.

This was good. 

The tribe began tilling the earth and meeting all the tradesmen and helping them overcome the broken central planning token. Men and women of the tribe felt very romantic and they worked, exchanged, built, federated, completed and cooperated. Eventually they realized that friction, condition, arbitration and all matters of consensus would be worked out by natural law and the free market. 

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