Bitcoin Fixes Defaulting Banks

In order to wipe away all debts of this US dollar denominated world. I propose that instead of lending more debt as dollars we reverse that trend and make all Dollars equal to Bitcoin Satoshis. A 1 to 1 exchange. This will eliminate further inflation and will allow all debts to be settled on the Bitcoin time chain. 

There are 2.1 Quadrillion Satoshis in the Bitcoin Core code and there are 2.1 Quintillion Milli-Satoshis in the Lightning ⚡ Network settlement channels. That means that the infrastructure is already here and available for adoption. 

All of those who do not have Bitcoin can easily work for Satoshis and those with Satoshis can easily pay for services, assets, commodities and property. All US dollar prices will freeze and start to deflate as the scarcity of Bitcoin will control prices via the free market.

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