Bitcoin is a Barn Building

#Bitcoin is the exact opposite of the M5M. I'm friends with steak eaters, vegans, vegetarians, doctors, billionaires, millionaires, code kings, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists, Statists, Anarchists, Libertarians, Cops and You name it. The common thread is real money and low time preference. 

The Bitcoin game has the same rules for everyone. It's the only financial open source protocol on the planet that pays you to learn about it and the lower your time preference the wiser you get. It's a basic barn building experience. You help your neighbor build a barn because this makes him self sufficient and builds a strong community of property owners who can share wealth. You can't share wealth of you have no property. You can't have property of you can't store the fruits of your labor. If you can't store the fruits of your labor you are a slave. A barn building is the equivalency to liberating slaves. Public housing is serfdom. 

Bitcoin is the barn building. Running a full node is the barn. Running a Lightning Node is getting a good tractor. All of the activities of Bitcoin are agriculturally related and free market related. Hard to hate your neighbor when she has great products that you use.

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