Fiat Settlement is the Cost and Energy of All Militaries

I live in a Military megalopolis. Yesterday I watched helicopters, planes, boats, ships and lights turn on and off. This is what powers $fiat currency.

One plane circled around over and over and over again. This is "training". 

When a #Bitcoin miner cuts on it's working on settlement of transactions, security of transactions and building a ledger that is validated by node consensus. 

When $Fiat transactions are settled it is under the threat of violence. Certainly the organization needed for the movement, settlement and organization of transactions is the exact cost of all militaries, banks, networks and computers which is 50 percent of computer power and the other 49 percent is the entertainment periphery that keeps potential criminals of state occupied. 

Being the 1% is an honorable position because it's the largest computer network dedicated to hard money on the planet. 

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