Bitcoin Is Skill

When I build things I use the imperial or metric system. Most people barely or do not use these at all because they are technically inept. I can look at most things and judge what the size is because I have used these tangible measurements for 30 years.  Literally every day I measure things to the 16th of an inch. On the water I see watercraft and distances all of the time and the nomenclature is there. I can judge the speed of the wind by looking at the waves.  White cap waves in the rive mean 20 kts winds. or more. 

With #Bitcoin we are assessing value to a point where we have a real denominator and not a fiat one.  When you live in an immeasurable $fiat world you are dependent on the authorities. When you live in a technical skilled world you are dependent on protocols and a market that is measured precisely. We just needed a money that was not arbitrary. In estimating I always had to figure inflation and the Time and Value of Money. An absolute clown game.

Bitcoin is skill. 

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