Everything Is Here

Everything Is Here:

I have always thought, "Everything is here."
From the moment of my birth
To this afternoons rain,
Everything is here,

Imagine a screen of pixels
Lined up and RGB
Containing optical data and
Changing it so and so.

Some pattern is presented and data
Absorbed and then repainted again
In similar patterns and then exchanging
Like movements telling stories,

I have often thought, "Everything is here."
Over there is a pot of gold and 
Here is Satoshi's briefcase with an
Address and the combination is me,

Everything is here for you and me
And the compression and the
Encryption are all the same anyway
As small numbers follow to the great,

Look at the words we use for God,
Allah, JHVH with algorithm and allegory
Deva, Theo and light and just to shake things
Up, Lucifer.

Everything is here as God is more than
Willing to allow you to beat the money
Changers and send them screaming from
The temple that they call the bank,

Central planning without knowing that
The vault is empty and it is energy which
We are given to secure our property
That is by grace already protected in sharing,

Compulsory goodness it's not goodness,
Compulsory sharing is evil men planning,
Compulsory formulas are naive rituals,
Everything is here and it's a matter of

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