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Brian Tracy was very good at pointing out that everything has a price and you have to want to pay what it costs if you really want it. He was talking in Fiat trend but the application is true. 

The free market is the very tip of the feelers of reality. 

In Buddhism it is described as the 5 aggregates:

So just imagine as far back in life as you can to where there was chaos and then, the first aggregates - FORM.

Then as you grew in intellect there was the beginning of price discovery which is - FEELING.

From feeling you decided temperature, good, bad, pleasant and this price discovery became - PERCEPTION.

As your mind became more sophisticated you were able to put forms, feelings, perceptions into price which is - MENTAL FORMATION.

The last aggregates of price discovery became the tantamount vehicle of work and price which is the fifth aggregates - CONSCIOUSNESS. 

In Pali Language:
1. RŪPAM - form
2. VEDANĀ - feeling
3. SAÑÑĀ - perception
4. SANKHĀRĀ - Mental Formations
5. VIÑÑĀNAM - consciousness

All of these conditions of price discovery are also IMPERMANENT. 

This is why price is irrelevant when central planning is involved because the conditions of value are the free market and central planning has data that is not accurate and in fact is without any work involved.

Another concept in Buddhism is paṭiccasamuppāda which is DEPENDENT ORIGINATION

This is the formula: Because there is this, there is that. Because there is that, there is this. 

This price discovery is based on working data and the fibers of the free market comb reality and determine The amount of work needed to achieve results. 

Bitcoin, of course, maintains all of this and yet it is invisible because it is CONSCIOUSNESS. 

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