Get Off Zero

If the Federal Reserve created a square mile in 1933 today that square mile would be the size of a square foot and it would be labeled a square mile. People would brag about how they bought a farm in the 1970s that was 15 square mile and now it is 1500 square miles.

Sometimes people spend so much time crunching numbers that they forget that there has to be actual measurable quantities and measurable rules that remain consistent. The $fiat currency developed by the fourth central bank of the United States ( yep, three died before this next one) is a fractional reserve mess. It's all debt and it's all for the purpose of confiscating labor (slavery) and property. 

#Bitcoin like gold allows us to see a measurable item that increases in value and buying power while the printing press and digital carnival coupons of the Federal Reserve while useful based on the past of deposit certificates have become bearer instruments of 🤡🌎 regime. 

Next stop, Fed Coin, CBDCs and Unicoin hegemony.

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