History Nostrils

History is full of deception. So is regular life. A lot of people are salty because of #Bitcoin. Being nice to them is not the answer. The answer is to make a system that can only be destroyed when it is useless. I don't code but I do learn how things work and I make them work for me. I will also help someone else if I can.

I try to make Bitcoin sound like a great thing but people I know are trapped on so many levels and then again maybe they are not. I just found something in Bitcoin that has made me feel optimistic and good. I've made myself a citizen of Bitcoin. That is where I hang my hat.

I wish I had interaction with other bitcoin people face to face but I can't afford to stack and travel. I racked up a lot of debt in the past three years and I had to dip into my stack several times.

The truth is that no one has done more damage to me than me and that is a good feeling.

This NOSTR deal is also really nice. I feel like I did when I could install Linux on a windows machine in the late 1990s.

I am very grateful for all of those who work hard and have made this easy for me. I am truly grateful.

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