Sexual Distraction

The reduction of humanity to sexual preference is entropy. If you have many sexual partners you are preparing your future as a lower organism. You are not building a family or contributing to successful humanity. You are just mining orgasms and paving the way for transhumanist homicide, suicide and genocide. You're born with all of the perks and limitations of human life and you throw it away on entertaining your lizard brain. 

Get married and raise children. The only real wealth you will ever have is your family. If you are an older person, like me help others to do the same. The globalists want you to be over sexualized, neutered, castrated, and paving the way for their progeny to rule the earth. You're not gay, and you're not heterosexual. You are a human man or woman with all of the plusses and minuses. Having a dick didn't make you a man but being a good father and husband does. Having a vagina doesn't make you a woman but having a child in your womb, nursing and raising a child to an adult does. 

Maybe you think you are better than all of this nonsense. If you did feel maybe you're just angry at something and you've put this anger into your life and onto humanity. 

The most difficult birth to obtain in this universe is the human birth. To throw it away is the greatest ignorance of all. 

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